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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Cool Day 11 Post Op The good, bad and ugly LOL

    Well, I'm 11 days out and starting to feel good on a fairly consistent basis. The first week was killer, not in a pain from the surgery kind of way, but more of the understanding your new sleeved stomach and how to function during the first month while the stomach is healing. I felt super exhausted and really week. It improved a lot after adding protein and broth on the 3rd day but still really shaky. I napped whenever I felt tired, which was often. I walk every day which has been a huge help and once I started my vitamins at day 7 I really felt stronger.

    I had a few rounds of stomach ache in the first days, but soon figured out that it was because I was trying to drink too much too fast and too often because I was scared of getting dehydrated. It really is small sips and when I went to protein I needed to remember that I couldn't just drink my protein shakes at the same pace as water. It helped me to visually picture a thin pencil shape instead of my old stomach size LOL. I have been struggling to get all of my water in. I'm close to 64 oz but not consistent. By the time I drink 2 protein shakes and some soup mixed with protein (I get 60 grams a day at least) my stomach is so full, I am not over stressing about it because I think it gets easier each day. Baby spoons and sippy cups were a real life saver to help me getting used to such small sips and bites.

    I was worried I might never go to the 'bathroom' again, but my doc said it was normal to be a bit constipated. Well, it finally did happen and I was like I was while potty training my son.....Yay, you went to the potty, good job. I was proud and then humiliated

    I still need the pain medicine, especially at night because I don't take it during the day and by 5 ot 6 I am achy and hurting. I am hoping to switch to just Tylenol by next week. My surgical incisions are almost completely healed and had no problems there but man do they itch. I have to remember not to scratch at them. Is that normal? I was also having super dry skin on my arms and legs so I lather up at night after a shower with Aquaphor and rub it in really good. My skin is so much smoother and calmer in the mornings,

    My HW was 223 my SW was 219 and I weighed 202 this morning. I am so happy with my progress and my hubs was at a Board Meeting for a few days and said he says it looks like I am shrinking before his eyes when he got home last night.

    Each day is much better, I feel stronger and better adjusting to being sleeved mentally and physically. It was a great decision that I wouldn't change for anything and I know months from now when I'm on solid foods and the tummy has healed, there will be no stopping me.

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Day 11 Post Op The good, bad and ugly LOL

    Glad you're doing better! Thanks for posting this update. I am 13 days away from surgery and feeling very panicky at times. It's amazing, I don't think I have seen ANYONE say that they regret having the sleeve done - even those who've had complications. That is very inspiring (and comforting). Congrats on doing so well!

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Day 11 Post Op The good, bad and ugly LOL

    Sounds like you are doing really well. The 64 oz is of fluids so your shakes and broth count towards that goal. So you are doing well. And I had major constipation issues. I tried everything. What I was told was to take 400mg of High Potency Magnesium soft gel. I take one every night before bed even now 2 1/2 years later. Previously I tried stool softeners and that did not help. I only had relief if I used an enema or a suppository but those can be painful. Wishing you continued success!!

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