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    Default Have you considered surgery in Mexico?

    I know surgery in Mexico can save a lot of money. However, I've read some scary stories about potential complications, risks, and bacterial infections that have been common.

    What is your perspective on saving money by going to Mexico? Did you have your surgery in Tijuana? Did you have a good experience?

    Thank you for your responses.

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    Default Re: Have you considered surgery in Mexico?

    I would never do it, too many horror stories, especially the recent "Superbug" articles all over the news. (Read Tamara's posts). But then again I was lucky enough to be able to afford the $14,000 it cost in my state, and tons of people on this site have had excellent experiences in Mexico. So it's a personal preference, do your research to see what's best for you.

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    Default Re: Have you considered surgery in Mexico?

    I did it in TJ with no problem. Then again I also had an american doctor in IL butcher me horribly for life too. # 1 I didn't have insurance and # 2 I didn't qualify here in the US with a lower BMI of 30 and I wasn't willing to wait till I reached a higher BMI before I did the surgery

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