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Thread: Happy New Year

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    Default Happy New Year

    Hi all

    Happy New Year to all my VSG family. I hope that 2019 brings you continued success, health and happiness.

    I have been off grid for a couple of weeks while we did the Christmas holiday thing. It is Summer here - well it was supposed to be but we had rain Christmas Eve and torrential rain on Christmas day. We had a full house of 15 for a bbq brunch on Christmas eve and the grandkids (7 of them!) were stuck inside wishing that they could be outside on their new pogo sticks while my partner was outside manning the bbq wishing he was inside :-) We managed to get everyone fed and then we moved the cars out of the garage so the kids could have a go on the pogo sticks. Not ideal but it did the trick. The weather since has been really lovely though.

    My partner was working until the 1st Jan but we have managed to get out and about a bit. Tried a few new eating places, went fishing (no luck) and managed a night away with friends where we enjoyed our first sea swim of the season.. As well as some good walks along the way. I'm back at work now while Dave is still on holiday for the rest of the week. It is often difficult to coordinate our leave as I have to take certain dates and Dave works rostered shifts and can't always get the same time off as me.

    I have manage to maintain my weight over the holiday period which is a bit of a miracle as there were certainly things going into my mouth that really shouldn't have been (chocolate, Christmas cake, desserts etc). However I gave myself a little grace and ate "normally" 80% of the time. It seems to have worked as I am the same weight now that I was before Christmas. The non "normal" food was only small quantities. I found that a little taster of whatever I fancied did the trick and I didn't need a huge serving.

    Back to 100% normal today and looking forward to the routine. I'm a creature of habit so it is easy to get back into it. Plus it means that I don't have to think about meals.

    I hope that everyone is happy and well and I look forward to being a regular contributor on the forum again in 2019.

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    Default Re: Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Lisa!!

    What a great few days of holidays you had!!
    I had a few great Xmas in Wellington during our four years stay. We all miss NZ! Loved the warm weather and didn't miss the snow!

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    Default Re: Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Lisa!! Glad to hear that you survived the holidays with no weight gain. I allow myself things as well. I am definitely not as strict and a little taste goes a long way. I also weigh daily and exercise daily so no issues maintaining my weight loss.

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    Default Re: Happy New Year

    You're becoming a pro, KiwiGal! Sounds like you explored new territory and conquered it.

    Happy new year to you, too.

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    Default Re: Happy New Year

    Happy New year beauty xx

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    Default Re: Happy New Year

    You are so adorable! Welcome home, and congrats on maintaining. Sounds like an amazing trip!


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