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    Default Re: Question regarding medication for trip

    Quote Originally Posted by DutchSleeve View Post
    Thanks Michelle! (love your name btw, we named our daughter Michelle... )
    Multiple possibilities, as I understand you correctly.
    I can either go to an ER (which is basically the same as in Europe) or a primary care doctor.
    They have practices like in health care centres, which I can find in most towns?

    Well, I still have a lot of time to figure things out, we are aiming to set sail in March 2020.
    March/April is a good time to start the journey, but next March is too soon.

    Yes, the NP's are first on the list and there are a lot of them.
    And I would love to see you Ann!
    Thank you! I named my first daughter 'Jachelle'. I combined my name with the first 2 letters of her biological fathers name to get her name. Loved it until she was 18 months and he walked out on us. I wanted to change her name so bad but never did. Now that she's 15, it doesn't bother me anymore. She gets many compliments on how pretty her name is.

    Yes, it would be best to find urgent care facilities that have primary care there as well. It's possible that they would see you the first time and call in all your refills for 3-6 months. Especially if you have records with you and a letter from your regular doctor saying what meds you are on and why.

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  3. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    Default Re: Question regarding medication for trip

    I don't know how you even managed to put the link in. Because a lot of people who responded to me were just banned. You were lucky. Thanks for the advice!

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    Default Re: Question regarding medication for trip

    How did you handle medication management during your trip, especially considering the potential challenges in accessing healthcare facilities?


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