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Thread: Meds???

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Meds???

    Has anyone tried contrave or saxenda to help get off the remaining weight?

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Meds???

    You don't need gimmicks, you had the sleeve. That's why we had surgery, so we didn't have to try everything else in the book. Been there, done that, didn't work.

    I would go back to eating how you were taught at the beginning, following all the rules you learned, and exercising to get off any extra weight.

    Good luck, you can do it!

    PS I lost ALL my weight on Phen-Phen. You can guess about how long that lasted. Until the pills stopped and I gained it all back plus more, and found out that medication damages the heart.

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Meds???

    Quote Originally Posted by Michele43 View Post
    Has anyone tried contrave or saxenda to help get off the remaining weight?
    I notice you're only 1 year post-op. Congratulations on your amazing progress with your weight loss up to this point.

    Now, here comes the realistic part...some of us take longer to reach goal. Personally, it took me nearly 18 months to reach goal and lose 100 pounds. You can look at the signature below my post to see my painfully slow monthly losses. I only lost 1 pound during some months.

    Unless you have a bona fide diagnosis of binge eating disorder, there's usually no need for weight loss medication. Since you're only 1 year out, I think you're considering medication way too soon in the process.

    As always, good luck to you.

    10/23/14 Initial Consult 200 lb, 5'1 tall
    4/6/15 Highest Wt 225 (yes: 25 lb gain)
    4/20/15 Surgery Wt 218, BMI 41

    1 mo 203.0 -15
    2 mo 190.5 -12.5
    3 mo 184.5 -6
    4 mo 177.0 -7.5
    5 mo 171.0 -6
    6 mo 164.5 -6.5
    7 mo 157.5 -7
    8 mo 152.5 -5
    9 mo 149 -3.5
    10 m 143 -6
    11 m 142 -1
    1 yr 138.5 -3.5
    13 m 133 -5.5
    14 m 128 -5
    15 m 125 -3
    16 m 121 -4
    17 m 120 -1
    18 m 118 -2

    Dec '17: BMI 23.5; consumes 2000+ kcal/day

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Meds???

    Good luck to you. It also took me 18 months to lose 100 pounds.

    Along the way I changed my entire lifestyle. I just passed my fourth surgiversary, and I weigh 1.6 pounds less than I weighed when I reached my 100-pound weight loss.

    Many have done this. You can do, too!

    Consult: 235 lbs
    My and doc's preop diet: 216 -19 lbs
    M1 postop 205 -30
    M2 193 -42
    M3 184 -51
    M4 174 -61
    M5 167 -68
    M6 162 -73
    M7 156 -79
    M8 151 -84
    M9 148 -87
    M10 146 -89
    M11 144 -91
    M12 143 -92
    M13 142 -93
    M14 140 -95
    M15 139 -96
    M16 137 -98
    M17 135 -100

    First Surgiversary post

    Second Surgiversary post

    Third Surgiversary post

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Meds???

    Like our friends, it took me a long time to reach my surgeon's goal/projection, which was for me 110 pounds (from my first consult). Since I lost weight right before the grand total is higher.

    Our bodies do fight against losing more weight, this is why it does take so long. Some days I felt stresed out about it, but after a while I did hit me that during that time:
    -I was not gaining!
    - I was at least maintaining
    - not regaining weight after the first year is a really good sign for the future of the weight loss journey!

    All that to say that I did read or watch a video about Dr Weiner (a pound of cure) who was actually prescribing diet medication to help his patients who were "stuck".
    I discussed it with my surgeon, not because I wanted medication but because I was curious to know what was his opinion. He was clearly against because he said that bariatric surgery was enough to reach an average goal, and get back to a better health. I didn't think it was healthy to take diet pills after a sleeve, and that a goal must be discussed and assessed, meaning it needs to be realistic ( regarding age, health, body composition etc).

    I did regain some weight since January thanks to medication. But I'm still optimistic and want to reach my own goal at some point, may be next year! who cares! the most important being I'm never going back to morbid obesity.

    Diet pills always have side effects. I don't think it's worth it. I know what works for me is to exercise more and eat a little better (I already have a healthy and balanced diet, I mean less chocolate
    Good luck!

    HW : 150 kgs
    09/02/2014 : 142 /1st apt
    01/20/2016 : 134 /surgery
    01/30/2016 : 130 /1st post-op
    02/27/2016 : 126 /2nd
    04/23/2016 : 118 /3rd
    07/16/2016 : 109 / 4th
    10/01/2016 : 103 /5th
    01/21/2017 : 98 /1 year post-op
    February 2017 : 100 lbs lost
    07/22/2017 : 96
    10/21/2017 : 93
    12/22/2017 : 91
    01/02/2018 : 96!! regain (medication)

  10. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Meds???

    I would not recommend it. Keep following the plan and find tweaks that work for you.


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