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    Cool So Glad to be doing this for Myself and NO ONE Else!!!

    So the other day I was at my moms house and she had finished doing my hair, well she made the remark of " Brianna you have such a nice shape now, do you really have to get the surgery?" ...In my mind I'm like look here I am getting this to better my health, my life, and my fertility this has nothing to do with how you feel about how I look and you have no say over what I'm going to do with my body. So i just told her that she had made remarks before about how she liked when i was smaller 3yrs ago after my previous surgery for brazilian butt lift. This made me realize that I'm so proud of myself for getting this done for me and no one else I dont like how my health is and I want to be in great shape for when I do have kids I dont want to not be able to participate in things with my kids due to my health for things that i can fix. On the other side my husband says he likes me how I am but understands I dont like my stomach area I've had a protruding stomach all my life I've worked out and got abs but it didnt flatten my stomach so that sucked. I look forward to this new transformation all around!!

  2. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    I have not had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: So Glad to be doing this for Myself and NO ONE Else!!!

    Yeah I don’t know why our family don’t want to accept about our decision,mine for example has told me that if I go through the operation I could end up dying or I will sag, etc etc etc they keep telling me I will regret it,they are making me doubt, making me scare of the unknown, I have never have any kind of surgery so I don’t know what will happen. And like you I want to get the surgery for myself, to be healthier so


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