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Thread: Recovering

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    Default Recovering

    It's been a few days since my augmentation surgery, and this has been the worst recovery of any surgery I've ever had. For instance, I didn't take a single bit of pain medication after VSG, and took only on day one and day two after the breast lift. (had surgery both days. Second day was due to a hematoma) I was supposed to start weaning my medication this time starting at 48 hours post-op. HA! I'm still on it around the clock like clockwork. I can ou assume that it's so rough because I have an underlying muscle disorder called dystonia. I did finally get some sleep last night, and ALL DAY today until 3pm. Being so drugged up is not something I'm used to or like, so I can't wait to be able to come off the Norco and Soma. I came home from surgery 5.8 pounds up. The next day it was 4 pounds. Today it is one pound. I've barely eaten a bite of food since surgery, and can see I've lost weight in my arms and belly. Nice side effect! I'm very happy with the appearance of them so far. Just ready to feel human again.

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    8 months: 125
    9 months: 120
    10 months: 114
    11 months: 111
    1 year: 109
    1.5 years: 105
    2 years: 108
    2.5 years: 102
    3 years: 113
    4 years: 115
    5 years: 115 Still holding steady

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