So after afround 7 1/2 stone / 50 KG weight loss Iíve booked myself in for an abdominal plaster and chest reduction.

The surgeon will cut around my waist, all the way round and then tighten things up. During the consultation he was grabbing chunks of me and pulling this way and that, rather unpleasant but I suppose he was getting an idea of how much he can remove.

Ideally I would like to have it done next month (am currently on holiday in France) but I have a holiday to Italy in October plus need to take around two weeks off work for post surgery recovery. And all that with being self employed meant just before Christmas was a good time for the operation (my industry generally shuts down for two weeks at that time anyway)

Now to save up and finance another £12,000!!

It can be my Xmas present to myself ;-)