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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
    Jubb Jubb
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    Default New Forum Member, Hiya.

    Just posting my introductions....

    43 Yr Old Husband and Father of 3 in Fort Worth Texas. Huge Disney World fan, huge Nascar fan, and I work in the IT industry.

    Had lap band in 2010 and revision to sleeve Feb 22 2018. I have not had many complications other than tastes have changed and I had a lot of nausea early on making getting my protein in difficult. I was 375 on pre-op 1 week diet. Lost 19 pounds... gained 10 pounds in hospital from fluids! and have lost as low as 335 but had some rebound last week back up to 341 which i think was just fluid retention. Headed back down to 338 as of this morning.

    I am pleased with the results so far. I feel like I am getting back to my old self. Walking more everyday. Looking in to getting a bicycle (my favorite way of exercise).

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: New Forum Member, Hiya.

    Welcome Jubb! Glad to hear you are doing well. My tastes changed immediately after surgery but have now gone back to normal. Wishing you continued success!


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