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Thread: My intro

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    Default My intro

    Hi! I was sleeved in March 2015 and reached goal six months later. I have been doing great and maintaining until recently. In the past 6 months my weight has crept up 5 lbs. it panics me a little and I want to get a grip before it gets out of control.

    I have not been involved in a support group, but, do see a therapist. I have tried local groups, but they are discouraging because so many have regained most/all of their weight. I need successful role models to give me hope that this is possible long term!

    Thank you!



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    Default Re: My intro

    Hi Amy!
    Do you have any idea why this happens?
    Other foods, other choices, bigger portions?
    I am one year out and about to start my maintenance, so everything I can learn from others is very helpful to me.
    Please note: after months of reading I decided I wanted to be more active here and I want to write more. But please bear in mind, that English is not my first language, so I may and do make mistakes in my spelling, or say things oddly. Please ask me, if you want any clarifications. I am doing the best I can!

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    Default Re: My intro

    5 lbs is not a lot of weight to gain. Get back on the program, keep a diary (if you don't already), and try to exercise.

    I also use 5 lbs as my alarm signal for when I need to reevaluate what I'm putting into my stomach. I weigh daily so I'm not surprised by any numbers!

    My suggestions:

    Keep a food diary
    Drink lots of water 80 + oz daily!
    Weigh Daily

    With good diet and exercise the 5lbs should be gone in a couple weeks.

    Hope this helps.

    "Never take life to seriously, no one gets out alive anyway!"

    Remember, in this thing, it's a good thing to be a loser!

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    Default Re: My intro

    Agree with Glenn. 5 lbs is my alarm bell. Sraebaer had gained 5 lbs after an injury and used weight watchers point system to get back on track. She said it helped her really reevaluate what she was putting in her mouth.


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