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    Default Re: Sad news - no running!

    Oh boo. I know that sucks. I love running. I have had issues off and on with my knees and hips since surgery. Oddly enough, when I was running pretty regularly in my "thinner" phase of 160-170 lbs I had no issues with my joints and I had all that excess weight on them. Although, that may be why they are more delicate now. So tomorrow I do my half marathon and my new focus will be shorter runs and strength training. Then the hubs and I will be doing more obstacle races as it is not a lot of straight running.

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    Default Re: Sad news - no running!

    Quote Originally Posted by FTurner90 View Post
    I understand your feelings. I had surgery on my knee also because I fell off my bike. This was a very terrible experience for me. Anyway, I started to recover from the surgery. I bought a folding treadmill where I was exercising every day. Anyway, it was hard for me to choose the best one. But, I found an article where are described the best folding treadmills. After I've read all the details from there I easily made this decision. I exercise a lot on it. The best advantage is the fact that I can fold it and store it.
    I agree with you. True facts.

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    Default Re: Sad news - no running!

    thats really sad, i hope you better now


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