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    Unhappy new to this page?

    so I have 14 days till my sleeve.. oct 25th both extremely excited and very nervous.. any late minute advice or support?

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    Default Re: new to this page?

    Take before pics in a bathing suit or under garments and measurements. Then take them every 2 weeks. It helps when the scale seems stuck to see that inches are still moving and have that visible difference. I love looking at my before and after. I did my first set 3 days post op. I wish I had done it before my pre op when I was at my heaviest. Remember to sip frequently and walk frequently post op. The first week is the hardest but it will get a little easier each day. Most importantly...relax and just breathe. Your journey starts soon so enjoy it. Remember it is a marathon not a sprint.

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    Default Re: new to this page?

    I did start a journal, with weight and measurements. It was fun to do it every month and see the inches and pounds fall off! Then I had a different journal to log my protein and liquid intake daily.

    That first week after surgery plan on resting and concentrating only on yourself. I slept a whole lot, walked a little, and sipped my protein drinks. That was about it! I even had my recliner in front of the TV, with a little table for my drink, as getting in and out of bed was a little uncomfortable at first.

    It was basically like being reborn, you are going to be thrilled beyond your wildest dreams. Never could I have imagined not being fat. The sleeve is a miracle tool! Enjoy the ride!

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    Default Re: new to this page?


    The sleeve will be a big tool for you -- in both losing weight and in maintaining your weight.

    But to be successful long-term, you (not your sleeve) is the one who has to change your lifestyle permanently. That's not as awful as it might sound, given that you may have been like me and never actually been able to do that before.

    But there's something about getting 80% of your stomach cut off and removed from your body that really gets your attention.

    It's finally time to get healthy. You CAN do this. Many of us have done this.

    If you want to read about my first three years, you can click on the links at the bottom of my signature block below. There are many others here who are doing very well, years post-op.


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    Default Re: new to this page?

    Do EXACTLY what your doctor and nurses tell you to do. Best decision I ever made!

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    Default Re: new to this page?

    I know exactly how you're feeling. I had my surgery on 9/28/2017. I had so much anxiety leading up to it. I kept second guessing my decision. Well here I am two weeks out today and feeling fantastic. The first couple of days were the hardest for me, but like everyone here has expressed it gets easier every day. I came back to work after ten days!

    I am so relieved that the surgery is over and so very excited to have begun my life long journey.

    Make sure you shop for whatever you will need for those first couple of weeks. I went to Costco and stocked up on the Premier Protein Chocolate drinks! I was put on a pureed diet immediately after surgery. And now I am on soft foods. You will not be eating much the first week which is why those protein drinks are a godsend.

    After surgery, I felt like I had to hold my tummy whenever I would get up or down, cough, sneeze etc. I bought a Spanx tank top, the support has been great.

    Your big day will be here before you know it, best of luck to you!


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    Default Re: new to this page?

    Be selfish.

    By that, I mean concentrate on what you need to do to be successful. Let others in your life pick up a little slack. Go to the gym let others worry about the day to day. Form a pattern and stick to it no matter what. Eat only what you are supposed to. If others you cook for don't like it, they can fix something else for themselves. I often will forgo what my wife makes and eat a simple dish like meatballs with tomato sauce. Take care of yourself the way that leads to success because ultimately it will lead you to spending more and better time with them.

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