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    Default Change your brain - change your life

    We are covering neuro-bio-social-psycho connection in my Human Behavior Theories class and oh boy!

    Hope you find this TEDTalk helpful! https://youtu.be/MLKj1puoWCg?t=4m54s

    Also, coincidentally my professor specializes in eating disorders and I have shared my story, and she has been super helpful and insightful!

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    Default Re: Change your brain - change your life

    Shirl, thanks for sharing this. Maybe you can post this or tag a string I started in the eating disorder forum. I'm trying to stock pile/consolidate this kind of information. I don't know how to tag this, I can try to copy and paste your entry, but I don't know if that would help. Thanks for considering it. All the best, and again, thanks for sharing this.

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    Default Re: Change your brain - change your life

    Thank you for sharing!!!!! I will watch it tonight. xoxo

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    Default Re: Change your brain - change your life

    Shirl, I finally had a chance to watch that TED talk by Dr. Dan Amen. And I'm sorry to say I had a VERY different reaction to it than you might have had.

    I think Amen's schtick is impressive, essentially that brain scans (of the SPECT variety) hold the secret to what ails people's psychologies, mental illnesses, and souls (that's the word he uses). In short, I think his basic model and premises are baloney, with one exception: That a specific injury or physical abnormality of the brain that is visible via any imaging medium should be considered when treating a patient with psychological or behavioral issues.

    Anyway, I googled him and was NOT surprised. I can't find any psychiatrist trained at a reputable medical school who thinks Amen is onto something meaningful or valid with the brain scans he charges people thousands of dollars for or the proprietary supplements he sells to them. In fact, quite the opposite -- they think he's someone who believes deeply in an unsubstantiated medical practice and, thereby, escapes being accused of being a knowing con artist.

    For instance, here's an excerpt from the Wikipedia article about Dr. Amen:

    * * *

    Reception of ideas

    In 2012, The Washington Post Magazine ran a cover story titled "Daniel Amen is the most popular psychiatrist in America. To most researchers and scientists, that's a very bad thing." The Washington Post detailed Amen's lack of acceptance among the scientific community and his monetary conflict of interest.[2] Journalist Sanjiv Bhattacharya wrote that Amen's critics likened him "to a self-help guru rather than a scientist, on account of all the books, DVDs and nutritional supplements which he hawks so shamelessly on infomercials" and that Amen was "the most controversial psychiatrist in America [who] may also be the most commercially successful."[16] Amen stated he felt the accolades went hand-in-hand and that "One reason why they hate me is because I make money. [...] our biggest referral sources are our patients. If I'm defrauding them how would I stay in business for decades?"[16]

    In 2008, Tufts professor and author Daniel Carlat published an article on Amen's use of SPECT imaging.[38] After visiting Amen's clinics, Carlat called Amen's interpretations of the scans "spectacularly meaningless."[2]

    * * *

    BTW, Amen's M.D. degree is from the now defunct Oral Roberts Medical School.

    Some other possibly useful links about Dr. Amen's theories, practices, and businesses:




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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: Change your brain - change your life

    That is cool that you have found some wonderful insight from your new professor regarding eating disorders.

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    Default Re: Change your brain - change your life

    Very helpful, thank you!

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    Default Re: Change your brain - change your life

    Interesting! I enjoyed his perspective. I'm not sure if I agree with it all, but I'm open to it!

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