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Thread: 3 months out

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    Default 3 months out

    Well, I am 3 months out and still learning/re-learning how and what to eat. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom with dumping syndrome and it gets a little discouraging.

    My blood tests show I am slightly dehydrated most of the time, iron a little low. The good news, I am losing weight steadily, with a few stalls.

    Could some experienced sleevers tell me their daily routine? I need examples about how to eat/drink correctly and for the long term.

    Thanks very much,

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  3. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    Default Re: 3 months out

    check out the post titled "What's on Your Menu Today" lots of info there


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    Default Re: 3 months out

    From surgery up to 6 months out I was always careful to drink 30 minutes before and after a meal. Never with the meal.
    Usually I have one protein shake in the morning, lunch will be fish/meat, veggie, fruit and/or yogurt , dinner the same or soup. I do have one or two snacks per day, mostly almonds (around 8 per serving) or Greek yogurt with a little muesli. Until I was six months out my meal quantity was in total 1/2 cup. Now it's about one cup. It's important to eat slowly and respect the quantities.
    Dumping is in general for patient who had a bypass, may be you should talk about it with your surgeon of his team and see if they have suggestions to offer. Take care.

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    February 2017 : 100 lbs lost
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    Default Re: 3 months out

    I did experience dumping like twice since I have been sleeved. Both were within the first 2 weeks. I have not had any issues since. I would think it could be if you are eating things that you shouldn't so they are not agreeing with your tummy. I usually have a tall café latte with skim milk for breakfast. Lunch and dinner is just protein and veggies. Sometimes I snack on some cheese or maybe a popsicle. I do not vary too far from that routine right now. My tummy enjoys what I am eating so I do not want to really stray from it. I am losing weight steadily and I am getting smaller inch wise so no reason to tweak it at the moment. I occasionally do take a bite of something if I really want it but that is not more than once a week. My primary focus is protein and veggies. My nutritionist has me on a low carb lifestyle. So far it has been pretty easy to follow. Don't miss the carbs at all.

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