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    Default looking for good weight loss supplements

    Hi, I have been looking for good weight loss supplements, Any recommendations? Not to cheap, not too expensive. something that I would need after I get my surgery done. thank you

  2. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: looking for good weight loss supplements

    I hear the sleeve itself is a darn good weight loss supplement Give that a go before exploring other options

    Weight Loss:
    6 Month Requirement with Nut = 41 pounds
    1st mo = 19 pds
    2nd mo = 19 pds
    3rd mo = 9 pds
    4th mo = 16 pds
    5th mo = 11 pds
    6th mo = 9 pds
    7th mo = 4 pds
    8th mo = 1 pd (bad food choices)
    9th mo = 4 pds
    10th mo = 3 pds
    11th mo = 3 pds
    12th mo = 4 pds
    13th Mo = 3 pds

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: looking for good weight loss supplements

    You shouldn't need weight loss supplements after surgery. If you adhere to the program, no supplement will be more effective than VSG itself. Besides, if weight loss supplements actually worked we wouldn't need surgery.

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    Default Re: looking for good weight loss supplements

    I echo what was said your sleeved tummy is the best weightloss tool that you will have in your possession if you use it wisely. That being said, as a post sleeve patient going on 3-weeks this coming Tuesday I have had some serious hunger issues at night. I understand it could be my food compulsiveness and my conditioning of so many years eating my biggest meal after work. I upped my protein intake, now 90g+ protein, to see if that would help with night hunger, but honestly it did not ease up. Recently I have tested two different proteins that claimed that they curbed hunger. One is Raw Fit weightloss management with Svetol and the other was Tera's Whey Hunger Control which basically has oat bran. I have to report that they have worked wonderfully for me. Seriously no nighttime hunger battle so far. I like the taste of Tera's much better, but I think I will keep interchanging them.

    I hope this helps anyone battling with similar issues.
    HW: 245lbs (11/15); SW: 226lbs (5/17/16) - Height: 5'6"

    Post-Op Weight:
    M1: 211.3 (-14.7)
    M2: 203 (-8.3)
    M3: 196.5 (-6.5)
    M4: 191.5 (-5)
    M5: 186.3 (-5.2)
    M6: (?)
    M7: (?)
    M8: 179.4 (-6.9)
    M9: 177.1 (-2.3)
    M10: 174 (-3.1)
    M11: 171.5 (-2.5)
    M12: 171 (-.5)
    Y1.1: 170 (-1)

    "Today is another day to get it right!"

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