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    Default Re: Those suicidal gastric sleevers!

    I spent four years after my surgery dealing with severe mood swings and personality changes. Much of these have been diagnosed as a form of PTSD caused by extreme weightloss. Even if you don't show signs of mental illness losing the weight in its self is a massive change with huge emotional factors. I am now living the best life I can trying to get out from under the issues I have. I was much like the author of this article. I wasn't told many of the things that could happen as a direct result of weightloss. Now I don't blame anyone for these things I would rather live like I do now rather thAn living so large I didn't fitt into my own life. Most people who need surgery to lose weight have some form of mental issues so there is no telling how each and every person will react.
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    Default Re: Those suicidal gastric sleevers!

    Interesting topic: I was aware of that Canadian study ....because the psychiatrist I met during my evaluation before the surgery did talk to me about that. He was actually talking about an older study, since I met him in September 2014, before it's publication. I was really surprised during that first interview, when he told me about the first study. I did a lot of research, I've been reading at least 30 books about bariatric surgery and never heard of such thing, a higher rate of suicide after bariatric surgery. Then I searched more and a few months later found also the Canadian study. I met the psychiatrist twice, it was compulsory and part of my approval process by the surgeon. He already told me the first time I was approved, the second time he did talk about that suicide high rate again, and told me that the team was always there for me, and that even if I didn't have the profile, if anything was going on, if I was feeling depressed or low, I would have to come back to the hospital right away....I promised.

    Let's face it, the lady sharing her experience was young and probably not well informed about her procedure. At 21 it's like being a teen, the brain is not completely mature, not like at 25 years old. So she probably didn't really think about long term consequences when she decided to go for the bypass.

    I was considering Mexico at some point because most surgeons are skilled and have a ton of experience, some have 10 000 surgeries under their belt! and I also speak Spanish (my Chinese is pathetic!) so it could have been easier.....But since I was not living in the US any longer, I felt more comfortable to have my sleeve done near home, also because my health has always been tricky, and I was afraid that I could have issues months after surgery, then who could help me if my surgeon was 13 hours away by plane?

    I found a great surgeon who took the time to meet me 6 times before surgery, met my husband (who was panicking because I can get really sick with anesthesia) and I passed all required tests, met several specialist, I felt I was in good hands.

    I'm only three weeks out, but it took me years of research to decide to do that surgery. I think I'm pretty much prepared for everything (hopefully!) but if I can not deal with something, I can find support. I can be in 20 minutes at the hospital and whatever I need, nutrition advice, help from my surgeon, or my nurse coordinator, it's there, and I know I will be welcome. May be that lady did need more support. A lot more.

    I always have compassion for people who are in pain, hurting, who don't know where or who they are in life. It must feel so lonely to be in that state of mind. I hope at some point she will be able to cope with her new body and appreciate that life is easier on so many ways when you don't drag the weight of one person on your back. Of course there is lose skin...but who can see it behind clothing?

    Life is complex and made of minuscule details. Since I turned 40, I decided I was not going to sweat small details. It's just toxic. And life is too short.

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    Default Re: Those suicidal gastric sleevers!

    Sheesh - just ran across this - what a sad thing that anyone thinks that WLS surgery (or plastics, a new job, more money) whatever is a cure all and the road to happiness. If you're an unhappy introvert as a heavy person chances are you will still be an unhappy introvert when you get to a smaller weight and size. I've been a straight to the point bitch all of my life and that's never going to change fat or thin. (sorry but not sorry) (but all of my life my friends who really get let into my life and heart know I love to the fullest and give my all to anyone that is true and loyal - the rest can KMA so "bitch" is relative I guess)

    I have a problem with anyone equating weight loss to suicide seeing especially as how I recently lost 2 close friends to suicide in the last month and a half that had nothing to do with weight loss.

    If you're nuts and unhappy as a heavy person chances are you'll stay that way.

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    Default Re: Those suicidal gastric sleevers!

    As a straight to the point Bitch myself...

    My 2 cents worth:


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    Default Re: Those suicidal gastric sleevers!

    Right on !

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