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    Smile Nearly 3 Years Post Op - Weight Watchers...?

    Hi friends,

    In October of this year, I will be 3 years post op. It has been a wonderful journey. I've lost 110 lbs. and I normally bounce between 3-5lbs most of the time. I have been able to maintain my existing weight loss but would love to lose another 10-15 lbs. I haven't been able to get this last chunk of weight off and am seriously thinking about joining Weight Watchers. Below are my reasons. I would appreciate your input. Has anyone joined Weight Watchers AFTER surgery? Did it help? Did you do Weight Watchers online or did you go to meetings or both? Any other advice?

    Reason #1. My support group at my bariatric center is nearly 2 hours round trip. They only meet once per month and at times I can't make it to those meetings because of my work schedule. I feel like I'm lacking some group level motivational support.

    Reason #2. I was successful with Weight Watchers before I had the surgery but only to a certain extent. Once my points went down, I struggled with being hungry. I couldn't eat a cup of raw veggies or rice (as recommended by WW leaders) because I don't have a gall bladder. Eating that much raw veggies and rice would make me sick. So I would just be hungry and miserable. Eventually, I would give up, give in and gain the weight back. But now with my sleeve surgery and a smaller stomach, I probably wouldn't feel hungry anymore with lowered points and wonder if I could achieve permanent success with WW now.

    Reason #3. I loved the simplicity of the tools, PointsPlus, etc.

    Please let me know your thoughts. I appreciate it!


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    Default Re: Nearly 3 Years Post Op - Weight Watchers...?

    I think anything that gives you support and motivation could be a good thing. I did WW for 3 months pre op, while I was waiting for insurance approval I figured it wouldn't hurt to lose some weight on my own. I really enjoyed the motivation of weighing in and getting support and achievement rewards.
    Post op I went back to see if I still wanted to go, but a lot of the rules and tools didn't work for me right after surgery. I'm only 10 weeks out though, so I imagine at 3 years out you could very much go by WW rules.

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    Default Re: Nearly 3 Years Post Op - Weight Watchers...?

    i dont see why not..anything that helps you should be a plus!! congrats on your amazing weight loss..you are going to be at WW and they will wonder why you are there!!

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    Default Re: Nearly 3 Years Post Op - Weight Watchers...?

    Fantastic maintaining your weight loss...I hope I can say the same 3 years from now .. If you can fit your protein requirements in the WW point system ,I think any support group would be good .. My hospital and surgeon were almost an hour and a half away . Since I do not drive in the Orlando crazy traffic , my husband has to drive me . I have only gone to 3 support groups .
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    Default Re: Nearly 3 Years Post Op - Weight Watchers...?

    I'm only 10.5 months post-op, so I haven't done WW since WLS.

    But heck ... try it. And if it helps, great. If it doesn't, you don't have to keep going.

    I recall that there was a lot of encouragement to eat WW products--sweets, bowl-meals, pizzas, etc. They're pretty heavily processed and high-carb, but not in a good way.

    But at the end of the day, everybody has to figure out what will work for them long-term. Please let us know what you learn about WW post-WLS if you do take it up. Good luck!

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