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    Default Anyone A Patien of Dr Garth Davis in TX???

    I was on another site and found this article and was curious what you all thought. The thing that struck me most was this "Dr. Garth Davis is also the medical director of bariatric surgery at Memorial Hermann City Medical Center. He has a limitless amount of knowledge when it comes to medicine and chooses fruit over it."
    Since finding my own way to better health after VSG with clean eating and watching almost everything change for the better I was curious what others thought of this article?
    Is it real????


    It seems only a few doctors take nutritious living seriously nowadays. But, luckily one doctor has been prescribing his patients something unbelievably impressive.

    In Houston, Texas a progressive doctor has been prescribing fruit and veggies instead of pharmaceutical drugs! Dr. Garth Davis discovered that through treating patients with pills and things of that sort don’t actually work as well as they’re supposed to. Garth realized that your diet really is the most important thing and will help your body to become well no matter what the ailment is. Garth prescribes his patients fruit and veggies instead of pills, and they seem to be loving it! Dr. Garth Davis is also the medical director of bariatric surgery at Memorial Hermann City Medical Center. He has a limitless amount of knowledge when it comes to medicine and chooses fruit over it. That should tell you something, right there.

    Together with the Founder and co-operator of the nation’s largest nonprofit organic food co-op Rawfully Organic and the Memorial Hermann City Medical Center Hospital, Davis has even opened a ‘farmacy Stand.’ This stand is open from 10 am to 2 pm every Wednesday in the lobby of the hospital. When someone is prescribed fresh produce, they go down to the ‘farmacy’ and get ten dollars off of the twenty-five dollar box of produce.


    While some people are confused about this concept when workers explain to them that the ‘farmacy’ sign isn’t simply a misspelling they ask for more information on this new idea. Each of these boxes contains plenty of apples, oranges, carrots, bananas, lettuce, celery, and tomatoes. Davis says that they are even starting to give their doctors actual prescription pads for these fruits and veggies.
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  2. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    Default Re: Anyone A Patien of Dr Garth Davis in TX???

    There are a small group of doctors that have made the connection. Good nutrition is about so much more than weight. Check out forks over knives, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and Dr. T. Colin Campbell. I've studied a lot of their work and tried the lifestyle. They advocate whole grains, fruits and vegetables. No sugar, no added fat. No animal products. You can eat any unprocessed, whole foods.

    Unfortunately, knowing isn't the same as doing. I tried it for a few months. Did great. Lost weight. Went on vacation and splurged and couldn't get back on track. Gained it all back and then some. Tried it again with a friend who is vegan, but I didnt lose any weight at all. I still used oil this time. I think without going very low fat vegan it was just too many calories.

    I believe it's a very healthy way to eat, but extremely hard to do unless you can change your environment. That's almost impossible in our society. We are bombarded with images of super models cramming a 1500 calorie cheeseburger in their mouth in attempt to make it sexy. Lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks is the headline on the magazine with a picture of brownies on the cover. There are so many things that contribute to obesity. That's why someone telling you to eat less & exercise more is frustrating. The food manufacturers have chemically engineered food to make it more addictive. Read Sugar, Fat, Salt. It's eye opening.

    Obesity is one of the only diseases where we blame and shame the patient, mocking them for not being able to refuse the very thing they are wrapping up in shiny packages and empty promises of how "____" we will feel if we partake. We don't tell a cancer patient to take the stairs, just smoke half a pack of cigarettes, and come back in six months to see if the cancer has gone away. Obviously we all play a very important role in our health. But I'm tired of the deck being stacked against me and feeling shame because I can't overcome it on my own.

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    Default Re: Anyone A Patien of Dr Garth Davis in TX???

    I'm in Houston. Yes, it's real. It's mentioned on the Rawfully Organic website https://www.rawfullyorganic.com/farmacy/, though of course I wouldn't believe he prescribes produce for very serious ailments.

    I had my surgery at Memorial City. Dr. Davis wasn't my surgeon, but I am familiar with Rawfully Organic.
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