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Thread: Anorexia

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    Default Re: Anorexia

    I am glad I have found this particular forum. For a long time I wondered how many others out there were anorexic,bulimic and then obese. I starved myself for many years from the age of 16. I abused laxatives, diet pills and over exercised and still looked in the mirror and saw a fat person. I gained allot of weight when I emigrated from SA to the UK and since then I have struggled to maintain any weight that I have lost. i too wished I could be my old anorexic self. Now I have to have the sleeve to get to a normal weight. I think the years of abuse messed up my metabolism . i am still very sporty and active but overeating is a problem. I am hoping that having the sleeve will get me into a good eating habit. I still haven't made up my mind 100% yet, but I think I will go for it.

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    Default Re: Anorexia

    I suffered with bulimia for years. I would puke every time I ate. When I got pregnant with my son 21 years ago I stopped being bulimic. (A few stumbles.) He probably saved my life. I was definitely heading for trouble. I am actually surprised I got pregnant. But stopping the throwing up made me gain 90 lbs with my son...doubling my weight. My metabolism never really recovered. Now that I am a sleeved person I am finally healthy.

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    Yes, I was anorexic all of high school. It was my way of having some control during an unstable time and also funneling all my focus on food allowed me to block out social issues and academic issues. I didn't even realize how mentally unwell I was. Looking back, it was really bad.

    I'm so happy I got out of it relatively painlessly. I still worry about fertility issues I may have caused myself (lost my period for 6 months or so) but I got out rather unscathed comparatively

    Anorexia is an addiction, like any other. Like food addiction. I was obsessed with food when I was anorexic, even more than after actually. It stems from self hatred and a need to purify yourself of all the ways you feel inadequate. Self love is the antidote.

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    Default Re: Anorexia

    How interesting we all have this history. I was anorexic/bulemic for the same reasons. There was no number thin enough to please my mother and she & her sisters all made cruel remarks to all of the sisters/cousins about weight. NONE of us were ever over weight.

    I too made changes while expecting my children (I have 4 living children); I do believed it saved my life. That and moving 3,500 miles (literally) away from my family.

    Healing of old memories does happen when you seek it. And yes, I am healthy with the sleeve. My daughters and son do struggle with weight, but they are really okay with their self-image and IMHO are so over-the-top remarkable and people, they've got this better than I haver have.

    Thank you all for your bold candid sharing.
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