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Thread: Anorexia

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    Default Re: Anorexia

    I am glad I have found this particular forum. For a long time I wondered how many others out there were anorexic,bulimic and then obese. I starved myself for many years from the age of 16. I abused laxatives, diet pills and over exercised and still looked in the mirror and saw a fat person. I gained allot of weight when I emigrated from SA to the UK and since then I have struggled to maintain any weight that I have lost. i too wished I could be my old anorexic self. Now I have to have the sleeve to get to a normal weight. I think the years of abuse messed up my metabolism . i am still very sporty and active but overeating is a problem. I am hoping that having the sleeve will get me into a good eating habit. I still haven't made up my mind 100% yet, but I think I will go for it.

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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    I suffered with bulimia for years. I would puke every time I ate. When I got pregnant with my son 21 years ago I stopped being bulimic. (A few stumbles.) He probably saved my life. I was definitely heading for trouble. I am actually surprised I got pregnant. But stopping the throwing up made me gain 90 lbs with my son...doubling my weight. My metabolism never really recovered. Now that I am a sleeved person I am finally healthy.


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