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    Default Emerald96

    I had gastric sleeve 10 months ago and I have lost 73 lbs. but now my urge to constantly over eat has returned and it scares me to death. I don't want to regain the weight and every day I get up and say I will get back on track tomorrow. I need help with my eating disorder!!!!

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    Go back to basics. Protein first, drink your water and log everything you eat to keep track of things. You want to nip this in the bud before it spins out of control. Good luck:-)
    1 month: 25 lost (194-10 day stall)
    3 months: 9 lost (173-halfway to goal!)
    5 months: 7 lost (161-1week stall)
    7 months: 4 lost (152-4 week stall)
    9 months: 1 lost (145-1 month stall)
    10 months: 0 lost (145-2month stall
    14 months: 0 lost (145-7 month stall)

    My goal: 145...originally 129 but my body said no!


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