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    Default New profile fields: "I have had a gastric sleeve" (or not)

    We added a feature to the site where you can specify in your profile if you have had a gastric sleeve or if you have not yet had a gastric sleeve.

    I went in and manually set some accounts where I knew the answer, I did not review everyone's account, so if I skipped you, please don't feel bad!

    You can edit the answer to the question "Have you had a gastric sleeve?" from this page:
    You can select:
    I have had a gastric sleeve.
    I have not had a gastric sleeve.

    And so if you fill it out, whenever you make a post in the forum, under your username will display your answer, if you had gastric sleeve surgery yet or not.

    I think it will really help when browsing and reading threads to know this info about the person who's post you are reading. It's totally optional and not required, but I hope everyone sees the value in filling it out.

    I hope everyone enjoys this new feature, and your feedback is most appreciated.

  2. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    I have had a gastric sleeve.
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    Default Re: New profile fields: "I have had a gastric sleeve" (or not)

    Thank you!
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