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    Re: An elderly person with health problems

    Your mother will be grateful for the care you will take for her. It doesn't matter if it's you or someone else. If you find a suitable person as a temperament for your mother, you will see how nice...
  2. Re: Is Turrialba a "DON'T-BUY" for real estate in Costa Rica

    If you plan to buy real estate in Costa Rica, looking through the various real estate agents is a great way to determine what type of property you might like to purchase. You may want to rent before...
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    Re: For fitness sake

    I'm always working on improving my body. I try different fitness methods.
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    For fitness sake

    Id like to hear from different people on this. If you feel like sharing some answers to some of these questions that would be great.

    What are you doing or what have done to improve your fitness?...
  5. Re: How soon can you travel by plane after sleeve?

    My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks
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    Re: How to Eject USB Printer

    Trying to find the most relaxed shirt for your craft or finding an excellent design for your brand can be challenging. I'm sure there are plenty of great designs out there, but when it comes down to...
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    Re: Does anyone bet on golf?

    Are you joking? Betting on golf seems like a joke. I love betting, but I'd never bet on golf.
    For me, betting is a kind of business. I mean, I make money by betting, so I wouldn't like to lose my...
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    Re: Wedding!...and 6 month update

    I think that what you did, was very honorable from you. You were able to help your grandson with his wedding, and I think this is important. Personally, I am married for more than than 30 years, but...
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    Re: Ladies, I'm burning my bra! :)

    I am 100% sure that you are wearing the wrong size or model bra. Moreover, post op your breasts become more sensitive. It might sound bizarre, but most parts of women are wearing the wrong size bras....
  10. Thread: Clothes

    by SoniaSouth

    Re: Clothes

    That's why basically each brand has its size charts. Some clothes are made manually, others by machines. So each Company might easily have different measurements for each size. Usually, a size chart...
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    Re: smoking an the sleeve?

    I see that you have two things in your life. That's pizza and smoking, haha. It's good that you quit smoking, but you can try vape or electronic cigarettes if you can't forget about it. Everything in...
  12. Re: Calming Anxiety Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    I've always been afraid of surgery. Especially those surgeries, which did under anesthesia. It's just that as far as I know, after various operations, it is necessary to take different vitamins for...
  13. Re: O.T. need help with translation English-Spanish

    I've started learning Latin a few months ago, and this is very useful! So, thank you for sharing this! I devote two hours to it two times per week, and I must say it's pretty challenging to learn the...
  14. Thread: Hair Loss

    by SoniaSouth

    Re: Hair Loss

    My friend has just been looking for this information. Thanks
  15. Thread: Root Canal

    by SoniaSouth

    Re: Root Canal

    There are several options available if you have experienced a dental emergency. Discuss your options with your dentist to find out what treatment options are best for you. One way to make sure you...
  16. Re: How long should you be off work after having a sleeve?

    I have also heard some people saying that they were back at work in less than a week, however I do not consider that normal, as the doctors recommend to stay away from work for two weeks or so. Well...
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    Re: Low Sex Drive???

    I can relate to how you feel. I would try to return back to normal with some sex toys and spend some time alone to get used to it again.
  18. Re: More Bitcoin talk - would you buy wine with Bitcoin?

    I don't know why to buy wine with bitcoins when you can purchase entire wineries. Moreover, Bitcoin price is constantly growing, and the capitalization of this crypto and the whole crypto industry....
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    Re: Self-Pay Financing

    I payed cash!
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    Re: Medicinal Marijuana

    Well, depending and on the surgery you have. Those tough and complicated ones might give different reactions. Anyway, you can ask your doctor about this, because they always understand the need for...
  21. Re: Has anyone's arthritis or other health issues improved after getting the gastric sleeve?

    I'm not sure if Barking Sands can be considered an autoimmune disease, but my grandmother is suffering from it, and the consequences are significant for the whole family.
  22. Re: Considering VSG - Doctor/Hospital Recommendations - MINNEAPOLIS

    A VSG, as I learned recently, it's a pretty tough procedure to undertake. I knew it from my nephew, who is in his second year in medical school, and the description was quite graphic. I also had a...
  23. Re: Alcohol | Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Questions and Answers

    Do you guys know how long does it take to recover from a gastric sleeve? I was told that it takes around 2 weeks, but a friend of mine told me that it took him 2 months to fully recover.
  24. Re: Issues with drinking water or liquids as Gatorade, etc.

    I totally understand you. I heard and was told by my doctor that the first period can be extremely hard. I've also found it important to have a good kitchen setup that can help you cook and eat...
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    Re: Things we don't think about?

    That's a great way to put it there! I was never careful enough with my HVAC system in the house, and it turned out into a huge disaster. I tried to vacuum out the immense amount of dust and debris...
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