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  1. Thread: Stuck

    by tonewbeginnings


    I am coming up on 1 year post op and I have been stuck at the same weight for the last 3 to 4 months. Before then I had been losing weight and following a good eating plan. I also wasn't that...
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    Re: Just beginning...

    Although I don't know anything about surgery in Mexico you should listen to a podcast called weightloss surgery podcast by Reeger Cortell. Specifically episode 94 titled Leslie goes to Mexico and...
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    Re: 2nd week post op

    I really liked having clear protein drinks as I got tired of the shakes. I found my favorite which is Premier Protein Clear tropical punch. I also went to The Vitamin Store and tried a bunch of...
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    Re: Biding my time

    I think I might fit your description. I am about 5 years older than you. I have arthritis in many of my joints mostly from over use and injury from when I was younger along with being overweight...
  5. Re: 4 months after surgery and 100lbs down since the start!

    Congrats...that's awesome
  6. Re: Need some help from some veterans please.

    Thank you to all of you for replying. Your advice, positivity, words of encouragement as well as tough love are all so appreciated and were so helpful to me. I am in a more positive frame of mind...
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    Re: What do I tell my family

    I think it's such an individual decision and certainly what's right for someone doesn't work for someone else. I'm a private person and only wanted to share it with a few family members. The only...
  8. Need some help from some veterans please.

    Hi i am just 2 months out from surgery. Lost a lot of weight the first month and then had to do 2 different week long trips this last month. Although I planned and did fairly well for the...
  9. Re: An Introduction - a struggle - hopefully a healthier me

    Hi Jesse, I too struggled with the dietician's recommendation in the months before surgery. Like any good addict I kept thinking I better have this food I'm craving b/c I'm not going to get to have...
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    Re: Where do I start?

    Hi, I am right in the middle of listening to the latest podcast (Weightloss surgery podcast hosted by Reeger Cortell). This months podcast is about a first hand account of a patient getting her...
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    Re: Goal! :-)

    Congratulations. That is so exciting and so encouraging for us newbies like myself.
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    Re: New transition picture

    Wow, your transformation is amazing and your advice sound. From someone at the beginning of this journey thanks for seeing what's possible.
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    Re: 3 Weeks Post Op & BC EOB

    Lisa, so glad things are going so wwll. Certainly great to have those four weeks off so it won’t be so stressful going back to work for you. Well you won’t have to pack a lot of food that’s for...
  14. Re: Fully approved this week and scheduled!

    Good luck on your upcoming surgery whether it happens soon or several months for now. For the last year or so while in my car I have listened to a podcast called "Weight Loss Surgery Podcast" Can...
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    Re: Product Testing for Christie

  16. Re: Medicaid Illinois and VSG...Timeline

    Wow, sounds like your jumping through all the hoops. Hopefully you'll get your surgery date scheduled soon. Good luck to you.
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    Re: 1 week post op, doing great!

    That is so exciting that you had such a great tolerance. You must be a very fast healer. So envious as I wish I had that ability. Your the kind of patient that surgeons just love. I also had a...
  18. Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed You Save MONEY When You Begin Your Journey???

    Hi North Sleeve, welcome. I only started this site a few weeks ago myself. Yes I did notice that I'm not spending money on my usual eating outings. That's good that your focusing on the positive...
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    Re: 1 week post op, doing great!

    So glad that you are doing well so early on and that your surgical experience was a very positive one. That is wonderful. However, just for the record for those people that followed the pre-op diet...
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    Re: Always sick. sleeve to bypass

    Wow, what a journey. You had some big life changes in the mix. Thank you for sharing. So sorry to hear that you are always sick. Is there a nurse at the clinic where you got surgery that you can...
  21. Re: Does anyone understand how to navigate "groups"?

    Unfortunately both of the links don't work. The first is where you would start a discussion but then when you click send it takes me to a page that says this message can't be sent b/c you don't have...
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    Re: proper food!

    Wow, it's interesting how different the post eating protocols are. I was allowed to start soft foods on day 11 but only 2 tbsp at each meal. Glad you finally get to have some decent food now. My...
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    Re: Always sick. sleeve to bypass

    Sorry I just had the sleeve so don't know much about bypass. If you don't mind me asking why did you convert to a bypass? We're you having trouble w/ sleeve or just not enough weight loss from...
  24. Does anyone understand how to navigate "groups"?

    There wasn't a group for May 2018 Sleevers so I started one however it won't let me post anything on it. It says invalid group discussion specified. Does anybody know what that means or what I'm...
  25. Re: Any of the sleeve veterans have advice on hair loss?

    Thanks, I will try to orange ones, any suggestions are always helpful. I have the tropical flavor. Even though it's hard to take 4 times a day I like that it has the calcium and iron in it and I...
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