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    Re: Tired after 6 or 7 hours

    Iím 5 weeks post-op. I too am tired all the time, but I know itís because Iím not getting the protein or calories I need. (Iím at 500ish per day). I use vitamin patches and just started taking...
  2. Re: "Buyers remorse" for a short time after surgery??

    I ended up going to Mexico Bariatric Center. I’m very pleased with my decision.
  3. Re: "Buyers remorse" for a short time after surgery??

    Yep, post-op day 1 and 2 it went through my mind 24/7. I was in quite a bit of pain. I am now only 5 days post-op and have lost 7lbs in 5 days. I even tried a bite of green beans, bite of mashed...
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    Re: 5 days in and miserable. HELP!

    I’m sorry you’re experiencing this :( I am 5 days post-op. I had HORRIBLE reflux day 1 & 2, but was better by day 3. Walking helped. Gas-x helped. Sitting upright and drinking sloooow, small gulps...
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    Re: Looking i tothe sleeve

    I am 5 Days Post-Op. I had Dr Louisiana Valenzuela from Mexico Bariatric Center perform my surgery. I had a wonderful experience. She is one of the top Surgeons in Mexico (she trained under Dr...
  6. Does your doctor require multiple psych appts, nutrition appts, an Upper GO and

    Although my insurance doesn't require a supervised diet, my surgeon refuses to say how many nutrition appts I'll have to attend. She also requires 2-3 psych appointments, lab work, and an Upper GI...
  7. Anyone NOT have to do a doctor supervised diet?

    Surprisingly, my insurance does not require a doctor supervised diet. I'm curious if your surgeon still made you do one and how quickly you were able to proceed with the surgery?
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    Re: Complications .X3

    Oh my, that is so scary. I'm sorry that happened to you :( Was this due to something Dr A did wrong? Did your insurance cover the cost of the revision since you were self-pay in Mexico for your first...
  9. Re: Trying to decide between dr Ortiz ALM and dr almanza $1000 difference

    I would NOT choose Dr Almanza (see below). I have done a ton of research, and immediately ruled him out. Dr Ortiz did not make my top 5, either....
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    Nausea and vomiting

    Iíve read from a few people that they continue to have upset stomaches, nausea from food smells and even vomiting for up to a year after VSG. How common is this?
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    Any recent MEXICO sleevers?

    Iíve reviewed the ďMexicoĒ chat board, but there are not many recent posts. Iím curious for those who had surgery in Mexico in the past year: what city in Mexico? What hospital was it at? What...
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    Re: 6 Months/26 Weeks Postop VSG

    Thatís amazing! So inspirational! Canít wait to start my journey soon. :)
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    Re: Dr. Jorge Maytorena

    Appreciate your post! Dr M has made my top 3 list. I can’t afford Dr V or Dr A Ortiz, so I’m trying to find the best surgeon for under $5000.
  14. Insurance Denial-Anyone WITH Bariatric coverage over 40 BMI & still get denied?

    Iím at a crossroads. I am currently at 39BMI. My insurance covers Bariatric surgery with 35 BMI+1 comirbidity OR 40+BMI. Iím fortunate that I have no comorbidities other than ďpositional sleep apneaĒ...
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    Back to work 1 week after surgery?

    Anyone able to *confortably* return to work one week after surgery? Did your surgeon provide a restrictions note for your employer for lifting, etc?
  16. Re: How much $ do you think youíve saved on groceries since getting sleeved?

    I think I’ll save like $100/month on pop alone. :o
  17. How much $ do you think youíve saved on groceries since getting sleeved?

    I may have to finance my surgery, so Iím crunching numbers and figuring out how much I can ďsaveĒ each month on groceries etc after getting my surgery to put towards payments. TIA!
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    Re: Gain weight before consult?

    Ugh, I’ve found myself in the same boat as you. My BMI is current 39.0. The surgeon I want to go through weighs with shoes off, AND I have to show that I’m capable of complying with the 6 month diet...
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    Dr Christian Rodriguez

    Iíve been scouring the chat boards, trying to find someone who had surgery with Dr C Rodriguez with Mexico Bariatric Center at Hospital Mi Doctor? Please share your experience with him and the...
  20. Re: Hi guys first time on here ! Looking for recomdations for bariatric surgeons in Mexico

    NineohTwo- Hi! I’m also considering Dr V. Actually, Dr A Ortiz was my first choice but his surgery is more than I can afford to self-pay Did you pay $4700 for Dr V? How many nights in the hospital...
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    Re: Which best doctor in Mexico?

    Familygirl- I’m also considering Dr Liza Pompa, mainly because she’s at a International Bariatric Center of Excellence. What is her cost and what does it include?
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    Re: Self pay. Need advice.

    MARYG: Cost?
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    Re: Anything Negative about Dr. Ariel Ortiz??

    BarrDoll & HoodierGirl - I see that your surgery was 5 years ago. Dr A Ortiz is my first choice, but cannot find the cost anywhere. Do mind sharing how much you paid?
  24. Thread: OCC or Pompeii

    by UIHCPNA

    Re: OCC or Pompeii

    I agree with konagirl! I have done TONS of research on approximately 8 surgeons in Mexico, and I would choose Dr Ariel Ortiz/OCC above all others. That said, I have also read that he is more...
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    Dr Ariel Ortiz OCC - Cost?

    Iíve read that his surgeryís cost more than most other surgeons in Mexico. Wondering how much you were quoted or how much you paid?
    After much research I canít find another clinic with as good of...
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