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  1. Add Back Pain to Symptoms in Women's Health Tracker

    I was wondering if Fitbit would be able to add "back pain" to the list of symptoms in the women's health tracker. This was briefly mentioned in a previous post, but it doesn't seem to have actually...
  2. Going to the vet during the Coronavirus Pandemic

    I thought I'd write about my experience here, even though it was my cat, not my mini pool.

    I have an elderly cat who showed signs of a urinary tract infection last night and had diarrhea. Clearly...
  3. PseudoTV Live Kodi Add-on Autotune Demo

    This is about as close as you can get to your standard set-top box emulator.

    Here is a demo video posted yesterday of the HDHomerun detection and auto-tune.

    If you do not have the DVR purchased...
  4. All Fuel Discounts, Coupons, Promotions, Offers Thread

    Just starting a thread so members can post about any discounts, offers, promotions that can help us save $$$.

    This thread covers all brands (I noted some chat on adjacent threads about specific...
  5. What do you think about cheap furniture

    Do you think it's worth buying cheap furniture? I think that the cheap price does not mean that the furniture is of poor quality. Although maybe I'm wrong...
  6. Here Are the Reasons Why You Should Play On Cherry Casino

    Cherry Casino started operating in the Japanese market in 2017 after operating in the industry since 1963. They joined the online industry in 2000 and have many years of experience offering their...
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    Re: freelancers

    The cost of living usually (at a certain point) reaches the moment of opportunity cost, since the majority of people have their financial savings as scarce resources,hence, it is mandatory to know...
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    Cannabis and type 1 diabetes

    is there anyone here who smoke cannabis and has type 1?
    does it increase or decrease your insulin sensitivity?
    is your blood glucose more stable when you smoke?
  9. Option to choose a side in online multiplayer like CSGO?

    Is there a chance to have this option of choosing a side in online multiplayer with other players like Counter Strike: Global Offensive? It would be cool if we could choose our own team before a...
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    New Payment Method (CSGO Skins)

    Hey, do you want to make some subscribers on your youtube account without paying real money? but paying in csgo skins?
    SubHub recently added a new payment option (csgo skins) but it's available only...
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    Single light in each wing

    Iím planning on installing just a single light in each wing of their -18? Any parts info, hardware list or pictures/drawings floating around? Thanks
  12. Aircon temp is hot when idle, cold when moving

    the compressor doesnt get enough airflow to cool it down. But when you are moving, it gets that much needed airflow.
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    Hi guys,

    Quick one - I need to renew my passport and I have to send in my current one to do this. Do I need my passport at any point for the medical or fitness test? I will get the new one way...
  14. "This is not such a trip" Trip Report

    Okay, so here's the thing...

    This is not a trip to "Graduation Week" - well, in a way it is. For our daughter and three friends. But we will just be there at the same time, at another resort, as a...
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    Looking for League cd scripts

    hey ive used to script a bit back in the days but i noticed that i preferred to play more on my own. My question is if there are any scripts that dont play for you but help you with information like...
  16. Can someone explain to me the advantages of owning cryptography, as if I were five years old.

    If I own a diversified portfolio of US and international stocks (the image is about a mixture of VTSAX and VTIAX 65/35), and bitcoin becomes a regularly used cash, and the blockchain behind it...
  17. when you buy a movie on google play can you watch it forever

    let's say if you buy a movie today can you watch it whenever or is there expiration date
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    vacation with friends?

    Where do you usually go on vacation with friends? Are you making plans for the weekend to go somewhere? Any ideas?
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    LED strip light

    Does anyone know the best forum to join to share / get ideas about LED strips and controllers?
    OR are people quite ignorant on this candlepower forum about LED strips and other things? Since I need...
  20. Lawyer Alice Jepkoech Yano is really struggling in the CJ interview.

    Wadau, this candidate is punching above her weight. She is fumbles around simple questions. Is it a case of being inadequately prepared, or simply being unqualified?
  21. Changbin Is a Contestant on Show Me The Money 9!

    Changbin of Stray Kids will be joining the rap survival show's 9th season!
    He had previously auditioned for a previous season, but did not make the cut.
    I can't wait to see how he does and have...
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    Making money gambling? Is it possible?
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    help with the air conditioner

    I urgently need help with the air conditioner! Does anyone know a good service for repairing air conditioners? I will be very glad!
  24. debt: what does the math actually say?

    There is a lot of discussion about the burden of student debt in these forums, especially with regard to choosing a medical school. But at the same time, there is no proportional discussion about...
  25. Help with the choice of a night light!

    Does anyone know a good night light ? I'm looking for a good option so that I can sleep in peace
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