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    Re: What are your staples or must haves?

    Ham and bean soup
    Quest bars (may be a few weeks before you're ready)
    Cottage cheese
    Laughing cow wedges/mozzarella stix
    The above are all things I ate a lot of in the beginning....
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    Re: question for exercisers:

    I just made it a habit. Even if I didn't "feel" like it. I started getting up an hour early and spending 45-60 min on the bike. I watch a fav out of the ever or Netflix to pass the time. Sometimes I...
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    Re: People still see you as the "fat" person

    It takes time. And for me, repeated comments about how small I am help reinforce reality. I've recently joined a new singles riding group and intellectually I know I'm one of the smallest women in...
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    Re: 500 Calories A Day

    I was eating about 600/day and was told by my team to add snacks because it wasn't enough. Bumped it up to around 1200/day eventually (exercising about 500/day) which was my sweet spot for weight...
  5. Re: Questions! Questions! Would like some help :) Thanks in advance!

    #1 I understand that after being sleeved my tummy will hold about 1/2 cup of substances. I see all these recipes for protein shakes for sleevers that look full size. What the heck do you do with the...
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    Re: Veterans...#1 thing you miss / don't miss

    There's really nothing I deprive myself of these days, I just do it differently. For example, I limit carbonation now, (almost entirely). Once in a great while I will have a Guinness as it's barely...
  7. Re: do you ever feel like you are on a permanent diet?

    Never! That was kind of the point... To be able to eat like a naturally fit person. I put protein first, avoid liquids around mealtime and try to make good choices 85% of the time. When I live this...
  8. Thread: Baby Food???

    by bikrchk

    Re: Baby Food???

    That would have been a big "nope" for me. Check out theworldaccordingtoeggface.com for plenty of baby food free tasty choices for the preww and all other post op stages.
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    Re: Question about Amount to eat

    My early rule was this... Fix your plate with no more than 1/2 cup of anything. Then remove half. Eat that and wait 10 min. If you want the other half, go for it. During the first year it was rare...
  10. Re: Do most people decided to get their extra skin removed?

    If money and time were no object, I MIGHT consider it, but realistically, I was pretty lucky. Lost about 90 pounds, and I've been one to carry it "all over" so no one area is in particularly bad...
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    Re: 2 years out - struggling eating enough food

    I'm also 2 years out and get 1200-3000 calories per day no prob. I have a 90% sleeve, so smaller than average. I can say to get those #'s I eat All. Day. Long. I just can't fit a lot in a sitting....
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    Re: This was a major mistake

    I feel for folks who've not been properly educated by their surgical team. Here is what I was told:
    You may never tolerate bread\pasta\rice again. You need to be prepared to give it up forever....
  13. Re: Any juicers or green smoothie sleevers??? Or is it bad for such a small stomach??

    I did a lot of green juice in my final "diet" before WLS. I never use it now as there's very little of what I consider "food" there for me anymore. Food=protein. Juice=sugar. If I really wanted it, I...
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    Re: Exercise post op

    I started out walking, a lap around the block the day after I got home, then 2, then 3, etc. After about 6 weeks I felt like I could do more and purchased a good stationary bike which I've been...
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    Re: what to eat after surgery

    My surgeon's (you should check with yours) rule for "full liquid" was anything that is liquid in your mouth. For me, that included milk based protein drinks, Greek yogurt, runny cream of wheat\rice...
  16. Re: Today is my 2 year anniversary. Life is SO DIFFERENT!

    Heh. Careful when you mount up on that bike in the spring after losing a bunch of weight! It mucks with your center of gravity and balance at slow speeds or parking fro a while! You CAN get...
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    Re: Have Lots of questions.

    Visit multiple centers and attend their support groups if they have them. Support group attendance (2 meetings pre-op) was mandatory from my program and easily the most valuable learning experience...
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    Re: Still having issues with overeating..

    I am in maintenance now and I still WANT to over eat... All the time! I also have a 90% sleeve so I don't have a lot of wiggle room for indescretion. More often than not, I realize how some of that...
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    Re: Scale Battles...

    Stop "battling" with an inanimate object, (the scale) and focus on your behavior. Give the scale to a friend to hold for a month if need be. Get the amount of protein your doc told you, (mine said...
  20. Re: Cant do any more liquids started puree to orrow

    Yes, early by a few days at each stage. When I went to the surgeon for follow up he asked me a generic, "are you advancing your diet"? and as long as I was taking it slow, increasing my calories and...
  21. Re: New and with so many doubts can anyone give me good advice ☺

    Agree, by what I was told, you should be advancing your diet. I was told to aim for 85g of protein and 1000-1200 calories per day. Couldn't hit the calorie goal immediately, but did within the first...
  22. Thread: This is tough

    by bikrchk

    Re: This is tough

    The first month I kind of had to look at food and water as part of my "prescription". I don't take my supplements because they taste good or I "want" them, I do it because it's prescribed. Nutrition...
  23. Re: Uh-oh. I may have spoken too soon. Now I need a pep talk.

    I go through the same thing from time to time. I'm actually 5-10 pounds heavier than I want right now, (damn the Halloween candy)! Kind of did the same thing last year and finally got back on track...
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    Re: POST-OP'ers: WATCH your blood pressure!

    It's crazy to think that I actually run low sometimes now when my BP couldn't be controlled on 2 meds + an anti anxiety before! Gave up the anti-anxiety and one BP med within weeks after surgery and...
  25. Re: How many carbs or do you count? Secret to your weight loss journey and maintaining.

    I have never really counted carbs. For the first year while I was losing and for several months into maintenance I journaled all food and exercise with an aim for 80+g of protein and 1200 calories...
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