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  1. Re: Bradycardia (Slow heart rate) after sleeve?

    Hi there, I know this post is rather old but wanted to share my very recent experience. I had my gastric sleeve in Feburary this year and have lost 72kg. I have been training hard and sticking to a...
  2. Re: First night out .. Advice please

    Could I suggest changing your entire outlook on your big night out?....What say when preparing, instead of the norm (cheese plate, nibbles and wine), get some exercise? A big gym session or long...
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    Re: Depressed/Moody

    You need to look at the positives and not the negatives. Youve made a huge life-changing decision. The sleeve is but a tool to help you commence on this journey. Try keeping busy, active and...
  4. HELP!!! 5 Months out and need to kick start things again

    I am just over 5 months out from my sleeve and extremely happy with my weight loss, dont get me wrong (54Kg/119 pounds). I am training regulary and even registered for the City to Surf next month in...
  5. Low mood - 16 weeks out - what now?

    Anyone who has had the sleeve experiencing low mood after considerable weight loss?

    I am really happy with the procedure, the lifestyle change and my weight loss....but what now. I feel that while...
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    Post op food/recipe ideas?

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to start this thread, as obviously there a major diffrences between food available in the US and UK as there is in Australia. Does anyone have and food suggestions for...
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    What to expect next?

    Today is my 6 week anniversary and I have lost a staggering 29kg (64 pounds) since my sleeving. I am so very happy with the results physically and emotionally. I am literally boucing off the wall...
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    Re: Pre-op weight loss

    It is my understanding that it's not just about weight loss at the pre-op stage, and more importantly about shrinking the liver to a more managable and operable size. I lost 11kg (24 pounds) in the 2...
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    Re: 2 days post op

    I'm currently 1 day out (well just under 24 hours) and my stomach hasn't stopped growling this whole time. The idea of food has not entered my mind as I've only managed a very small glass or apple...
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    Newby from Australia

    HI all,

    As per the forum's advice, thought Id introduce myself. Im Tony and am on day 2 of my pre op shakes/detox and am scheduled for sleeving Tuesday 5 Feb.
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