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  1. Thread: Vitamins

    by FattyGirl


    How long did everyone take vitamins for after surgery? I am 3 months out and I hate taking these horse pill vitamins. However, my hair is now shedding like crazy. How long did your shedding last...
  2. Re: Southern Illinois. Gastric Sleeve Surgery in April

    1st of all everyone will think you are crazy and it's "ohhh so dangerous". Some of my family say that I had an unnecessary surgery for nothing. The fact is, noone knows what state your health is...
  3. Thread: Blood work

    by FattyGirl

    Re: Blood work

    Congrats! I feel the same way, I got blood work done and I was totally amazed. It's so amazing and I still can't believe that insurances refuse to cover the surgery. Having surgery stopped all of...
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    Adult Diaper Rash?

    I have a weird question and decided to post it here. I have some sort of skin peeling in the crack of my butt and on my inner thighs, near my vagina. Has this ever happened to anyone? What do I...
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    Re: Need some advice...

    Ha Ha, the same thing happened to me. Went on a dat, we were vibing each other, kissed and everything. I felt comfortable with him, so I told him. Next few days, I didn't hear from him. Finally...
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    Re: Worried about support

    I just think that people who do not have a weight or food problem will never understand us. Do it for you girl and ignore him. And FYI, my surgery and afterwards was/is a breeze. I was worried...
  7. Re: I NEED to do it, but I'm struggling with WANTING to do it

    Hahaha. Yep
  8. Re: I NEED to do it, but I'm struggling with WANTING to do it

    It's been easy for me too! I am only 6 weeks out and I thought it would be horrible. I have friends who throw up everyday. I have never thrown up. I just weigh my food , so I won't overeat and I...
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    Re: A little concerned - but maybe no reason?

    Thank you for replying! I guess I just expected it to be much harder than it is now. And that little doubt is creeping into my mind that I wonít lose weight, because I donít feel different yet. . I...
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    Re: A little concerned - but maybe no reason?

    I’m here for the same reason, to ask the same question. I am a week out and I have no issues drinking water or broth. I’ve heArd some people have really bad issues swallowing. Worried that maybe...
  11. Re: Hi Y'all....serious questions for Mexico sleevers.

    Thank you guys so much. I guess I have the last minute jitters.
  12. Hi Y'all....serious questions for Mexico sleevers.

    I am having surgery in January with Dr Almanza. I am worried that I do not know enough about VSG surgery because I am having it in Mexico. I have researched a lot, but I am worried that I miss...
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