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  1. Re: Considering VSG - Doctor/Hospital Recommendations - MINNEAPOLIS

    A VSG, as I learned recently, it's a pretty tough procedure to undertake. I knew it from my nephew, who is in his second year in medical school, and the description was quite graphic. I also had a...
  2. Re: Alcohol | Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Questions and Answers

    Do you guys know how long does it take to recover from a gastric sleeve? I was told that it takes around 2 weeks, but a friend of mine told me that it took him 2 months to fully recover.
  3. Re: Issues with drinking water or liquids as Gatorade, etc.

    I totally understand you. I heard and was told by my doctor that the first period can be extremely hard. I've also found it important to have a good kitchen setup that can help you cook and eat...
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    Re: Things we don't think about?

    That's a great way to put it there! I was never careful enough with my HVAC system in the house, and it turned out into a huge disaster. I tried to vacuum out the immense amount of dust and debris...
  5. Re: Cancer and other serious illnesses healthcare amidst COVID-19

    Nobody could avoid a medical system crash. Actually, no one in the entire world was prepared for such a severe virus, killing millions of people in less than 2 days. Happily, I didn't have to visit a...
  6. Re: Sex drive - WHAT sex drive? Gone with the ghrelin?

    since I have lost weight, I am dealing with an exaggerated sex drive, anyone having the same issue?
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    Re: Hormone levels after surgery

    I know that hormones can go a bit crazy after surgery, but your hormone loss is too aggressive. I will recommend you to speak with a therapist about this because this decline is not acceptable. If...
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    Re: Gastric sleeve: record of weight loss

    Firstly, I want to congrats you on your surgery. I got on this forum because I am on my way of making a surgery appointment for this year. I got this idea after I had several diet programs that...
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    Re: Favorite Exercise?

    My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks
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    Re: Mexico WITHOUT a passport?

    I had no issues when it came to crossing Canada without a passport. As far as I know for Mexico and specially now you need a passport. I mean with the whole Covid situation it is kind of...
  11. Re: Sex After Surgery | Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy | Questions and Answers

    The only problem that appeared to me after the surgery was that I got some erectile dysfunctions. I was very depressed because of that. Anyway, my doc recommended me to use GAINSWave. It's a great...
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    Re: Anxiety, Depression, and all of this.

    This is so true. I know a few people on this forum that have recommended me before some great products including medicinal cannabis ones. It's not that easy to get premium weed or edibles even if...
  13. Re: Knee or hip replacement just before or after the surgery?

    I had a bad ankle sprain a few months ago. One of the reasons was the excess kilograms while I was working out. I tried to follow my doctor's advice and shape up a bit before I went into surgery in...
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    Re: Dental offices

    Yeah, I know what you are talking about! It took me ages to find a good dentist! For me, the main criterion for a good dental center is cleanliness. I started to be extremely pretentious to it 18...
  15. Re: Surgery and Smoking | Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Questions and Answers

    Thank you. I will show this to my husband as he is so stubborn when it comes to cutting it! Smoking has been his biggest flaw all the years I know him. He's always been defending it as somehting that...
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    Re: 310 Nutrition - ?

    I would be also interested in them.
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    Re: Best way to sleep after surgery?

    I'd always liked to sleep with the window open and that's why I was often waking up at the middle of the night because it was too cold (if I don't open the window overnight, I suffocate). For this...
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    Re: Bodybuilding and the Sleeve---

    It's good that you have motivation, to work out, I admire that. But if you want to gain muscle mass, beside lifting weights, you have to keep a strict diet, and to use some food supplements. If you...
  19. Re: New Insurance Requirements for ME....WHAT?! :-)

    I hope that your surgery went well and you are happy now. You are indeed very lucky to have insurance, many people still have this problem. The medical system in the US is too expensive. Therefore, I...
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    Re: Which best doctor in Mexico?

    There are a lot of cool doctors in mexico
  21. Re: A funny thing happened at the Taylor Swift Concert last night...

    It sounds like you enjoyed the concert. ) Oh, how much I want now to go to a concert, a festival, or even a party. I would appreciate it now and a small one. This COVID certainly affected everything....
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    Re: Eating healthy foods at restaurants

    Play agree with dining in Italian restaurants. The food is much healthier and the prices are also better as well.
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    Re: Eating Out: Korean Food: BiBimBap

    Wow, you are so cool! Anyway, can't wait to try it!
  24. Re: Support and/or Counseling/Therapy after Surgery

    Actually I was also dealing with this issue. Although I had my bariatric surgery, I couldn't handle my emotional eating, and this was a real problem. I've tried almost all solutions from internet. I...
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    Re: smoking an the sleeve?

    you are in a really similar situation as I am
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