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    Re: For those just starting out...

    Love that quote!!! Just recently heard another along the same lines that I am hanging onto :)

    "If you want something you have never had before, you have to do something you have never done...
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    Re: Screaming at the top of my lungs.

    Some people lose at a consistent rate of like 3 pounds a week, others lose in stair steps like 5 one week then 2 then 4 then 1... others lose in bumps - down 6 up 2 down 5 up 1, etc. SOme people...
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    Re: Not Enough Calories and Protein

    I think you are reading it wrong... Syntrax Nectar is 25 calories and 6-7g protein per 1/4 scoop. So if you are getting 25g protein from it, you are using a full scoop - which is 100 calories. The...
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    Re: does anyone waist train?

    If you meant weight training - yes, but do not wait til after all the loss. Start yesterday.
  5. Re: Question for those women at normal BMI on maintenance?........


    Here are my pics from before surgery (2 years before - they were before pics from a diet that never happened!) to after my 45 pound loss from surgery when I thought I looked good.. ....
  6. Re: Question for those women at normal BMI on maintenance?........

    Yes - you are light years ahead of where I was. I lost about 45-50 pounds and thought I looked "good" til I took progress pictures and wanted to die. I looked terrible. I looked anoretic from the...
  7. Re: Question for those women at normal BMI on maintenance?........

    I am 43 years old, 3.75 years out, 130-135 pounds at 5'5in and 17% body fat right now. I have been seriously lifting weights for 1.5 years now (wish, wish, wish, wish I had started MUCH sooner!). I...
  8. Re: How do YOU personally achieve your protein goals?

    I am 3.75 years out, and I have been weight lifting for about 1.5 years. I eat nearly 2000 calories a day (on purpose - yes its hard), and I average 160g protein. Obviously you dont need that much,...
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    Re: Weight Gain Anyone?

    Yes I have experienced that. Yes it is very normal to gain a few pounds in the first few weeks of weight training (its water to repair muscles, it is totally worth it and will go away and take more...
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    Re: My Taste buds are Gone

    Metallic taste is usually due to ketosis - which we all get into almost automatically because after eating protein there is no room for carbs. Try upping your carbs a little.. (protein first still...
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    Re: I feel hungry five weeks out

    For people that soon out, the most likely cause of hunger is excess stomach acid. If they did not automatically put you on a few months of an acid reducer, call and ask or just get it over the...
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    Re: Passed out

    Definitely sounds like reactive hypo - a relatively common side effect of WLS. If it happens within a certain time (30-90 minutes?) after eating a higher carb or simple carb , that is likely it. If...
  13. Re: Hypoglycemia, panic attacks & the gastric sleeve

    I am one of the ones who developed this. But it is a learning process like everything else - it is not something you just put up with, you learn what triggers it and you avoid it...

    In my case, as...
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    Re: Too Much Protein?

    I *SOOOO* wish I knew and understood this 30 years ago... I would have lived a very different life!
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    Re: Too Much Protein?

    I regularly get over 150g protein (I am 5'5" and range between 130 and 135 pounds), which my doctor is fine with. Her only cautions were

    (1) keep it usually under 200g (danger zone isnt really...
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    Re: 3 years post op!!!

    I will let others answer, but I dont see a problem with this. What I do though to up my protein intake is to replace anywhere you use milk with a vanilla premade protein shake. I use the Premier...
  17. Re: What other options do we have post sleeve????

    I havent had time to read through all the responses, but if it hasnt been said - start lifting weights. The more muscle you have as a base, the higher your BMR. If you keep eating the same, your...
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    Re: Help please

    Seriously - take omeprazole or something (or even both cycled) regularly for a few months. Many WLS doctors require you to take them the first few months after surgery. Excess stomach acid in a...
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    Re: Help! I'm not losing weight!

    Weight loss is not linear! Some people lose relatively consistently week to week, some stair step losing 2-3 weeks then pausing 1-2 weeks, some people fluctuate going down then up then down...

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    Re: Help please

    1) Yes, talk to your team or nutritionist
    2) Yes, increase calories. At your weight, you will still lose rapidly anyway, and that is really a low number.
    3) Start taking an antacid or reflux med...
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    Re: Need to lose 10 lbs

    At this point you are "normal". You will lose weight the way everyone else does - diet and exercise, eating less calories than you burn.

    1) How many calories do you burn? If you did not do any...
  22. Re: Remember your sleeve is shrinking muscle

    I am sorry, but no. Your stomach is a muscle, but if you are eating to the point of pain, you are eating too much at one time. People whose stomach is sleeved should not feel pain when eating...
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    Re: These stalls really suck!

    Some people lose weight relatively consistently from week to week. Some people "stair step" - they lose one week, stay the same the next, lose the next etc. Some women only lose weight during...
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    Re: Been a while!

    It really is not possible to "stretch" your stomach back out anywhere near where it was before - it will actually stretch very little since the part that is left is the muscular type tissue not the...
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    Re: how to get my protein in

    Body360 Whey Protein Crunchies can be added to yogurt as well - they dont really have a taste, they just add crunch, but they have as much protein as a scoop of powder. Good if you miss chewing -...
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