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    Re: 3 month surgeversary

    Congrats. I hit 3 months on Thursday. So how much have u lost total? Hope you don't mind me picking your brain lol. What are you eating? Do you drink coffee? Sorry I have so many questions b/c every...
  2. My ticker will not show my nemo and my #s HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK everyone I am trying to do this accurately but I am not so computer savvy when it comes to embedding stuff. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated:) oh and pardon me if I am posting this in...
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    Re: I'm the new girl

  4. Hello all my fellow sleevers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well hello everyone,

    My name is Tonya and I will turn 34 years old this month. I was sleeved on 2-06-14 by Dr. Virgina Weaver at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Best decision I have...
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