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  1. Sticky: Re: Soft Foods -Alumni post suggestions here - Newbies get info here

    I am one month out and on soft foods. Tonight I tried this and it was really good.
    I was sautéing zucchini and mushrooms with fresh garlic. I knew I needed more protein
    for the day so I added 2...
  2. Thread: T Minus 6 Hours

    by TRG

    Re: T Minus 6 Hours

    So happy for you! Sending prayers your way. You will do great. I am 1 week out from today and I am thrilled I got it done. I am 12 lbs down and I feel great!
  3. Re: Gastric Sleeve: Am I a candidtate for BMI right at 30 with pre-diabetes and high blood pressure?

    Dr. Ortiz just did mine 5 days ago and I feel great. I am also at a BMI of 30 and they never said anything about this. It was no problem.
  4. Re: I'm stressing about how much PAIN is involved with getting VGS???

    Just had surgery 5 days ago. My pain after surgery or I should call it discomfort was only a 2. Nausea was only a 2 or 3 but very manageable with meds. Tummy had just a little muscle soreness but it...
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    Re: Im 14 days post--op what should i be eating

    I am at OCC right now. The instructions they gave me were-
    Days 1-7 clear liquids, juices diluted with water, Popsicles, broth, tea, vitamin water
    If ready for more foods, on Day 4-10 you can...
  6. 24 hours from surgery! Last minute jitters & what to pack

    Well, first of all, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on here!
    24 hours from now I will be on the plane to go get my surgery! I am having the sleeve by Dr Ortez at OCC. What should I pack? Do I...
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    Re: Peanut Butter Lovers

    I sell Both the choc and reg PB2 at my fitness ceter along with the best protein shakes! I can ship directly to you if you want some! 1-260-668-9480
  8. Thread: Hello!

    by TRG

    Re: Hello!

    I'm having my surgery on May 14! I am traveling alone. I would love to share stories. What kind of preop diet did your doctor have you do? Were you required to lose any weight before surgery or just...
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    Re: first day of 3 day pre-op!!

    Great job! This will all be worth it. Only 2 days until you are sleeved!
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    Re: first day of 3 day pre-op!!

    Are you doing only liquids? Were you required to lose any weight before your surgery? I have my surgery on May 14 so I am getting closer. I wish you the best!
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    2 Weeks From Tomorrow....SLEEVED!

    Tomorrow I will start my pre-op diet. Going to Mexico by myself. A little nervous but more nervous about leaving my kids. Because of my line of work, (I'm a personal trainer) I am choosing not to...
  12. Re: New on here May 9 surgery scheduled with Dr Almanza

    My surgery is on May 14th! Good luck to you all. We will all be fine and be able to encourage each other after surgery. Can't wait until we are sleeved!
  13. Re: Sleeve surgery moved to 3 weeks from now! Need educated!

    I am so excited and relieved! I won't have time to get too nervous.
  14. Re: Sleeve surgery moved to 3 weeks from now! Need educated!

    Thanks Kris! Yes, everything was discussed and set but I was thinking I had much more time. Now that it is sooner, I guess I just got a little paniced and felt I was forgetting things. The more I...
  15. Sleeve surgery moved to 3 weeks from now! Need educated!

    Brand new to this site and fairly new to WLS. I'm trying to learn as much as I can. Due to a change of events, my surgery has been changed from Sept 2012 to 3 weeks from now! Now I am taking a crash...
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    Re: don't think that i can do this

    Has anyone here tried Herbalife Shakes? YUMMO!! They taste like ice cream!! They are amazing and there are hundreds of great recipes. I use extra protein in my shake to get to 110 grams of protein a...
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    Re: Slow metabolism preop. Will WLS work for me?

    Thank you so much for that complete response. I have been struggling with my decision. I have not chosen which surgery to have yet but your answer was very helpful. With an extremely slow metabolism,...
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    Slow metabolism preop. Will WLS work for me?

    Brand new to this and considering WLS. I am considered on the low side of obese at 30% BMI weighing in at 210 but i have insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. I also have Thyroid issues which...
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