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  1. Re: Second day of 7-day full liquid diet and just 7 MORE DAYS until surgery

    It's good that you feel good. I'm on my 2nd to my last day on the preop liquid diet. I am not allowed tomato soup, although that sounds wonderful right now. I am allowed a tennis size amount of...
  2. Re: Dr Cirangle in Hawaii...anyone use him?

    I have dr. fowler, but I know there are some people on the vericalsleevetalk website that have used him. If you go there, then there is a search option to look for doctors and it will list those who...
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    Re: New here...January 30th sleeve date

    yay. Yep yep. New birth day. havetoyou started liquid diet yet?
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    New here...January 30th sleeve date

    I just wanted to say Hi! I'm excited to become a loser! My surgery date is January 30th and I start my liquid diet in two days.
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