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    Re: delete profile?

    Thank you, I've clicked on every link there is and there's no delete profile option. Very annoying. I've deleted all photos but just my profile gone. :/
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    Re: delete profile?

    Errrrrm no.
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    delete profile?

    How do I delete my profile please?
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    Re: 10 months out: What they don't tell you...

    First of all congrats on doing so well with your weightloss!
    But I'd like to point out, hopefully without causing offence, that if you're not eating healthy nutritional meals than of course your...
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    Re: Not getting enough protein

    Greek yogurt is high in protein. Also if you're going onto pureed foods then you can blend down chicken or turkey and other high in protein foods into a mush and get your protein that way.x
  6. Re: Favorite, COMPLETELY Unintentional, Backhanded Compliments You've Received About Your Weight Loss...

    My fave... i was buying some fruit from the local fruit and veg man and he said "i prefered you when you were fat" or something along those lines. i was like...thanks...thinking do i look that bad....
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    Re: Bold question, but i have to know!!!

    It's part of your stomach being removed not your nether regions. :/
  8. Re: Why does everything have to be caffeine free?

    I was offered tea or coffee the day of my surgery when i woke up. I was never told i couldn't drink it when i came home either. I've drank tea and coffee every day since my op and i've still managed...
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    Re: Tail bone pain?

    I have the exact same problem!
    If I sit for longer than half an hour I have to move about to get comfy. Also, sitting in the bath is a pain too and if I have to do exercises on the floor at the gym....
  10. Re: A little confused about eating...pureed vs not

    During my pureed stage I blended down my food to baby food consistency. A roast dinner is nice blended down.x
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    Re: Are you obsessed with the scale?

    I get on mine every day, some times several times a day... each time i get on and see how little i weigh i do a little happy dance and sometimes a give a squeal of delight. :)

    Before i got down to...
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    Re: My hair is falling out bad!

    At about four months out mine started to fall out by the handful too but it does stop. I didn't get any bald patches but my eyelashes also thinned out and my nails became quite weak. All are fine...
  13. Re: Does exercise really make a difference in the speed with which we lose?

    I did scoff a bit when my surgeon told me too but i can't say exercising from the very beginning or at least lifting light weights wouldn't help as i didn't do any form of exercing in the beginning...
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    Re: Thoughts on exercise post op?

    Light walking and light weights sounds just right, the idea is to build up your stamina gently and to not over do it so when you're further out from having your surgery you'll be ready to up your...
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    Re: Carbs, Carbs, Carbs!!

    I've never counted carbs and i doubt i ever will. The only thing i count are calories and i keep an eye on anything high in sugar and saturated fat but apart from that any food is fair game as far as...
  16. Re: Does exercise really make a difference in the speed with which we lose?

    I found going into the gym very boring and i think that's why i wasn't very motivated in the beginning but i joined 3 different aerobics classes and i haven't looked back since. I find it much more...
  17. Re: Does exercise really make a difference in the speed with which we lose?

    I didn't exercise in the beginning and still lost weight. Saying that tho, if I'd exercised from the beginning my skin would have gone back better than it has. My surgeon told me also that exercising...
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    Re: am i done losing? :( pics included

    You may be swapping fat for muscle, I know when I was working on the gym equipment to tone and firm up that my weightloss stopped completely for a few months, once I stopped that and just stuck to my...
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    Re: I am so P****ed right now

    About three months ago in one of our national papers there was a story printed about five women, they were all related somehow, and these women had all had some form of weight loss surgery. They...
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    Re: Omeprazole Capsules?

    I was given the melt on the tongue ones by the hospital, when I went to my Dr's to get a repeat prescription he was gonna give me capsules. Apparently the tablet form ones are the more expensive of...
  21. Re: is everything right - or did I do something wrong

    You're doing fine. :)
    Liquids do go down easy as there's less restriction, for some people anyway, you're one of the lucky ones.x
    I thought I was broken at the start of my sleeve because I had no...
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    Re: End of my rope. any advice?

    I eat loads of carbs but i don't count how many. The only thing i watch and control is sugar and saturated fat, anything high in those i don't touch but everything else in moderation i figure is fine...
  23. Re: Why do different doctors require different post op diets?

    I was on clear liquids for the day of my op and the next day. On the third day I went onto thick liquids, by the end of the week after that I was ok'd for soft food. I was only on soft food for a...
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    Re: How long until plastic surgery?

    My surgeon said the same. I have to maintain for at least 6months to a year before it's wise to consider skin reduction.
    I have saggy arms, thighs and tummy and in my opinion they're a no hoper but...
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    Re: End of my rope. any advice?

    We are the same height and nearly the same weight, at 7 months out i was stuck and my weight didn't budge for months either. The weight loss naturally slows down at about 6 months out so what's...
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