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  1. Re: Why would a company deliberately exclude bariatric surgery from their benefit plan?

    BC/BS is the underwriter for Educators Health Alliance surgery wasn't covered in our policy. But my possible hip and knee replacement surgery would be covered.
    I self paid I took out a loan and...
  2. Re: 1 year out, feeling great...until I took my daughter to the doctor...

    Does she like to swim, dance, play sports get her into activities that she enjoys. If you have chips in the house get the 30 count packs that are portioned controlled for her. Sugar free candy...
  3. Thread: Thyroid

    by fri38cy

    Re: Thyroid

    I have a slow thyroid as well. My surgery was June 9th and I have only lost 25 it has been going very slow. So I just focus on my water and protein and exercising.
    I have been on synthroid since...
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    Re: Caffeine kicks back

    I drank my last diet coke just before midnight the night before my surgery. I had slowly been cutting back but didn't have to give it up until after surgery. The day of surgery I had a slight...
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    Re: Non compliant....my asxxx

    I took out a loan to pay for mine because my insurance won't cover it.
    Have only lost 25 in a month do to a slow thyroid but it was worth it.
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    Re: Sneezing and coughing

    I was told to hug a pillow when I go to cough. Don't think I coughed when I came home. But might help.
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    Re: 326 pounds and hate going out in public.

    I had mine done here in the states. I used one of the top doctors in Nebraska. It is more expensive in the states. I used a credit card for part of it and took out a loan for the other half. My...
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    Re: Pre surgery panic!

    I can honestly say that for me the pain wasn't that bad. I slept a lot the day of surgery and remember my family there and then when left I slept and the nurse got me up at 3 am to walk. I walked...
  9. Re: Does anyone miss food and wish they hadnt had it done

    I am just one month out and even though the weight is not coming off as fast as I would like it to. I do not regret my choice to have surgery. I wish I had a higher amount of by now but I have my...
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    Re: Sad...just sad...and very very angry

    I took out a loan and put on some on credit card to get my covered because my insurance wouldn't cover it.
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    Re: Help...I cannot drink Protein Shakes at all

    Lisey, I like the Bari-Wise from Diet Direct they have a raspberry lemonade that is my favorite. They have a variety pack that you can order to try. But take a look you might like the fruity ones...
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    Re: Help...I cannot drink Protein Shakes at all

    All of mine or fruity ones from Diet Direct Bariwise I like some flavors over others but I am drinking 3 protein shakes and getting 64-96 oz of water trying to break my stall. I feel like the scale...
  13. Re: coke/diet coke post opt? so afraid i cant stop!

    I have not craved one since getting out of surgery and I was a 6 to 8 can a day drinker. Since surgey I have done Gatorade (G2) low in sugar but since hitting my stall two weeks ago I have switched...
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    Re: Mourning food already

    Getting through the first 4 days after that it just became easier to eat from diet sheet. Now since surgery last Monday I was so ready to be done drinking my meals. Today I got to move the next...
  15. Re: Just a couple of things....may be a long post and kind of all over the place

    I love fresh pineapple and strawberries but I know I can't have them for like 4-6 months after surgery. I am really missing my veggies but I think I get those back in 3 months.
    I am only one week...
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    Re: Just over a week to go.....

    So far I have been lucky with the people who I have told about my surgery. Not everyone at work knows that I did this when I go back in the fall there will be questions. But I did this for me and...
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    Re: 10 days post op

    Thanks I have had this problem as well not as long but still but an issue.
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    Re: Justifying surgery?

    I have tried for over 23 years to loss weight. I have been on a lot of different programs only to start out strong and hit a wall after losing 25 pounds.
    I'm a teacher spent one summer working out...
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    Re: Dealing with food givers and such....

    I am a kindergarten teacher and there is always food of some kind in the lounge. We have food day once a month but parents and the PTA bring in things for us all the time. Next year when I go back...
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    Re: Fresenius insurance sucks

    My self pay was 18,000.00 I got a loan from credit union.
  21. Re: Hi! I'm new here :) Something terrible has happened today though, that might delay my surgery ):

    My insurance doesn't cover it so I took out a loan for $15000.00.
    Sorry they waited to tell you so close to surgery but talk to the hospital and see about a hardship or payment plan.
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    Re: BCBS of Oklahoma

    Is BCBS the underwriter for your company?

    Here in Nebraska it is covered under BCBS except BCBS is the underwriter for Educators Health Alliance so it isn't covered.

    I am self pay and will...
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    Re: What if it doesn't work?

    I have this fear as well (June 9th is surgery date)
    I have done all the programs spent my summers working out only to go back to school heavier than when the year ended.
    I do really well then I hit...
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    Re: Surgery June 9th!

    I am also the 9th of June. At times when I really have time to think about it I wonder if it will work for me.
    I failed on so many other programs. Not because I didn't try my body would just stop...
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    Re: Self Pay in US?

    I will be self paying in Nebraska. Signed the loan papers from my credit union tonight. Total cost is about 18,000.00
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