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    Re: Got pissed off

    Wow, you have made excellent progress! Since your post included the mention that you are gaming, but continue to be successful on your weightloss journey, may I ask you some questions? Does your...
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    Re: Protein Bars

    I used quest bars. They had flavors that I enjoyed and I could switch it up. I really liked the double chocolate and the chocolate peanut butter. When I wanted something different I ate the berry...
  3. Re: Not gonna sugar coat... Bowel movement questions

    :D I'm so glad someone had asked this question about #2! I was freaking out because I feel like I need to go Number 2 then after sitting for about 5 minutes with nothing going on I give up and get...
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    Sore but Excited!

    I had a great Christmas present for my family- I came home from the hospital! After 4 days being admitted, I came home on Christmas day to watch my son open his Christmas presents. I was lucky enough...
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