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    Re: April 2013-30 Day Challenge!!

    I've really fell off the wagon, and have been eating junk not going the gym or exercising and have gained 1kg ! So enough is enough.... Goals for April start exercising again, eat better, and lose...
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    Re: Facelift UPDATE

    Christy ur sooo brave and I bet u look fabulous :-) hahaa sometimes it's better not to watch them u-tube vids iv scared myself to death and felt a bit sick watching the tummy yuck and breast lift...
  3. Re: Facelift....Didn't realize I looked so bad "Before"...omg.

    U look gr8 :-)
  4. Re: Almost 4 months post-op Mommy makeover with Dr. Lara with pics

    Jamie u look so good, ur very brave having all that done and that scar will soon be a very fine line that u won't even see, thank you for for having the guts to post pics for all of us who r...
  5. Re: January 2013 30 Day Challenge! What Do You Want?

    Hi everyone :) how's everyone doing with this months goals ? Well Iv worked out 5 days a week and getting fitter but iv also found that working out makes me want to eat more ? Does anyone else also...
  6. Re: January 2013 30 Day Challenge! What Do You Want?

    Update so far, doesn't look like il lose the 10 pounds I was hoping for this month and I've been working out most days :-( that's the update so far post amount lost end of month
  7. Re: Mommy makeover complete - feeling fabulous and looking sexy (with photos)

    You girls are amazing ! Only you guys get where I'm coming from :-) I'd be lost without this site x
  8. Re: Mommy makeover complete - feeling fabulous and looking sexy (with photos)

    Thanks for sharing u truly look fantastic woohoo binkini at the ready if I were you :-) well done girly great success story x
  9. Re: Mommy makeover complete - feeling fabulous and looking sexy (with photos)

    Amazing ! Thank you for posting pictures :-) ur tummy is incredible. Can I ask how much it cost, u had lift implants and full tummy tuck is that correct cos that's wot I'm gonna need soon
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    Re: 2013 Goals

    My goal for 2013 is to get to goal, get fitter, get mommy makeover if needed, hoping that exercise will help my skin but its not looking good. Uk size 16 bottom 14 top at mo would love to be a 12 top...
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    Re: How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

    What about the after care though ? I had my sleeve done in Mexico but with mommy makeover u need after care ? My 1 year surgerversary coming up end of feb hoping to Lose my last pounds then hoping to...
  12. Re: January 2013 30 Day Challenge! What Do You Want?

    I'm in ! My 1 year surgerversary end of feb and really want to make it to my goal, 20 lbs I want to lose so hoping for 10 in January and 10 in feb, felt sluggish ALL day yesterday after not eating...
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    Re: Thank you Dr. Oz

    I first found out about the sleeve from watching dr oz :-) there was a lady on his show who had lost a lot of weight and they'd said she had had a gastric sleeve ? I had heard of the bypass and...
  14. Re: Before/After pics Breast lift w/ augment and tummy tuck

    Well done u x all the hard work and suffering has defiantly paid off for u x
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    re: What Clothes Are You Rockin' Today

    Caralyn PLEEEASE make a updated video on ur utube chanal, cos I enjoyed ur others and would love to hear how ur doing now x
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    Re: Finding my inner diva - Grace's journey

    Amazing grace ! Your an absolute star :-) I've just read ur whole journey, FANTASTIC
    I also love reading your wise and interesting replys on people's questions, you may have even commented on mine...
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    Re: Any tips on speeding up weight loss?

    I too am barely losing any weight now,looking forward to wot people say here
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    Re: Finally broke the stall..

    You look fantastic ! well done you :-)
  19. Re: The TRUTH! Dr. Kelly! A RECENT real life experience with

    I'm glad u had a positive experience with dr Kelly and his family, I didn't have a good experience while there and had a lot of pain for weeks but now that I'm 3 months out and feeling better in...
  20. Re: How long after surgery can you swallow pills

    Yes, I take b12 under tongue and it is ok doesn't taste of anything :-)
  21. Re: How long after surgery can you swallow pills

    I was hoping someone would ask :-) Ive been looking for the answer to this question myself, I looked on line last night and read 3months post op we can swallow pills, interested to see wot others hav...
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    Re: Anyone else struggling?

    Sorry to hear that birdie x any consultation I was sleeved a day after u and I too struggle to eat. After eating I burp continually and think if I didn't burp I would through up because it just feels...
  23. Re: What has happened to all the Dr Kelly patients?

    REALLY !!! Well I was forgotten. I'm just hoping dr Kelly didn't mess up my insides. Because I traveled alone and Didn't get the PROFFESIONAL CARING service me and worried husband were Promised. I...
  24. Re: Please help, I don't know what I'm supposed to eat 1 month out

    Yes I'm in the same boat haven't a clue what I'm supposed to be eating :(
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    Re: now what?>????????????????????????

    Ellemarie your sooo right :) this is normally the time when we say right I've had enough of this diet now where's the McDonald's lol , but this is a diet you can't get off cos we have a new tummy
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