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  1. Re: Third Surgiversary Post – Still Maintaining My 100 Pound Weight Loss

    I feel sorry for you
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    Re: MJ Anyone?

    Mj? Alwaaaays
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    Re: Weight Gain during Covid

    Gosh, i got fat
  4. Re: Pouch Reset | Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Questions and Answers

    OMG, thanks :)
  5. Re: Why You Shouldn’t Use Food As a Reward

    Thx :)
  6. Re: Dealing With Loose Skin After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    That was very painful for me
  7. Re: Wanda's Testimonial | Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Endobariatric | Dr. Alvarez

    All of your lectures are so good
  8. Re: Sex After Surgery | Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy | Questions and Answers

    I was ashamed to ask this questions in person. thx
  9. Re: The Dangers of Comparing Yourself to Other Gastric Sleeve Surgery Patients

    Nice lecture, i have enjoyed it
  10. Re: Knee or hip replacement just before or after the surgery?

    Thank you for sharing!
  11. Re: Carbonated Water | Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Questions and Answers

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Arthritis

    How are you feeling now?
  13. Re: Controlling Sweet Cravings After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    This is the biggest problem of mines!
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    Re: Hormone levels after surgery

    My hormones droped.
  15. Re: Considering VSG - Doctor/Hospital Recommendations - MINNEAPOLIS

    Hope that the surgery will be ok
  16. Re: 2-year Post-Op physical and blood-work finally done!

    Oh, I know that this kind of operation has a great impact on us. The fear before the surgery and then the recovery process takes us a lot. So it is natural that you celebrate that you are a healthy...
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