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    It really depends on your taste. I haven't tried a whole lot of different protein shakes but from what I've read on different threads it appears Unjury and Syntrax nectars seem to be overwhelming favorites here! Try a few sample packs from various places before you commit to buying huge tubs that you don't even like! Also everyone seems to say that your tastes change after surgery...so don't buy a lot of something that you may not even be able to tolerate after surgery! Don't be nervous! We are all here for you and will help support you along the way. I am in Michigan...so I'm pretty far away from you...but just an e-mail/post/phone call away!!! :-) BTW...I have a 3 year old son...and 6 and 10 year old daughters!
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    The protein that I started to use is clear and it's called isopure. I like it because it's not thick. To tell you the truth, for real success you should start today. Go exercise as much as possible to make your body strong. The nurses in the hospital will make you walk after surgery and you want to make it easy. Also train your body to accept what it will need. My doctor recommends 80-100 gams of protein and I feel that it has made all the difference. Now I make a green smoothie with all veggie protein which provides me with vitamins and minerals needed for beautiful skin and hair. But remember protein will not be the only thing to eat so look for ways to incorporate fruits veggies and some carbs in your diet. Chew slow, drink lots, and exercise!
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    Hi Shawanne! Congrats on your upcoming surgery! I went on pre-op diet 2 weeks prior to my surgery date. My doctor had me order a 4 week kit (2 weeks prior and 2 weeks post) from Better MD online. They sell high protein shakes and other bariatric foods. I'm not going to even lie to you...it was the hardest thing I've done in a while (not cheat during the two weeks) I made it though and actually lost 13 pounds during those two weeks! I did buy rice cakes and no fat popcorn and ate those on days when I just had to have substance in my life! Make sure you ask your doctor if you can take Colace stool softner or Milk of Magnesium, as all the liquid consumption will stop you up...and I desperately did not want to go into the surgery backed up!! I was also allowed to eat 1 cup of fresh vegetables a day by my nutritionist (bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans) but they had to be raw. Those were some of the best vegetables I have ever eaten and I looked forward to eating that cup each day!! Also, I had a list of sugarfree items that counted as liquid that I could substitute as water (sugar free jello, sugarfree posicles, SF pudding, Minute Maid Light (my personal fav!) and crystal light. Please don't hesitate to ask further questions if you have any.Private Message me or I can give you my e-mail address if you need to ask more personal questions. What state are you in?
    TTYL! Nina
  4. Hi Sleevers keep me in your prayers my time is far but yet so near god is good i cant wait to start my new journey......THIS MY FIRST 15 DAY NO SWEETS,LOW CARBS,HI PROTEIN IS KILLING ME BUT I CAN DO IT
  5. PS I hate salmon...lol I'm not a fish eater just fried catfish I can't have
  6. Thank you so much this is my first 15 days of no suger no starch just protein meat n veggies and after I'll be the liquid and that's when I may go crazy I'm not a big eater but the last 4 years I've gain bout 150 lbs I have a3 year old and she makes me so happy but I can't make her happy until I get rid of some of the weight because I'm no active at all and I feel god is giving me a second chance at life I thank him for it I'm really excited and can't wait I'm to the point I don't even shop cause I hate how I look but I'm ready for my new journey:-) Thanks much
  7. Hey Shawanne try a lot of baked &/or grilled fish (Salmon is really good & high in protein etc) I've done whole baby catfish on the grill just seasoned with diff herbs & spices NO SALT also if you not really big on seasonings try the ready made with instructions on what extras to add (like: McCormick Grill Mates: I find these at walmart & its a season packet) excellent on fresh or frozen salmon & just bake it you won't need or want nothing else with it... I'm not good with the protein shakes myself :/ Im currently doing the Ensure High Protein (ok with MD & Nutritionist) the ready made ones help me thru workouts (Protein Blitz & Isopure) as they taste like Gatorade to me... The protein powder I'm currently trying is by Nectar (lemon tea flavor) & can be mixed with water I just cant handle the after taste of the powders & so I wont have wasted my $$$ I mix it with meat (taco meat like im gonna have nachos just no chips, it makes it taste sweet) hope it helps
  8. Thanks msjazzy25
  9. Hi Shawanne you will be great, I posted the recipe for the Tofu Salad also good on Salmon both are great in protein...Hope you enjoy it, Make sure you are finding the right protein for you, Keep GOD 1st & you will be wonderful...stay in touch anytime
  10. i'm new family help me out...lol
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by SHAWANNE on 09-13-2014 at 09:35 PM
Have anyone went back to Mexico to get the skin removed or tummy tuck it's been two years for me and the skin has to go I was 421 now I'm 240

Owner of Jerusalem hospital Tijuana

by SHAWANNE on 01-24-2014 at 01:39 AM
I heard the owner of Jerusalem hospital Andres passed away a few days ago.Any one heard about it.?

it's almost a year since my sleeve

by SHAWANNE on 03-13-2013 at 01:54 PM
Hi there just passing to say hello and how my life has changed its almost a yr since i got my sleeve i was a size 30/32 i.'m now in a size 20 the sleeve was one of the best decisions i have made in life.Its not easy but it's worth it.I have my life back 10 months ago i was trapped in a fat women body dieing and did'nt know it.I feel so good now to just be able to do simple things such as make groceries and not ride a cart.to play with my 3 yr old life is so much better now i feel like im born again.Anyone

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Weight still coming off and i feel great!!!!!!!!

by SHAWANNE on 02-07-2013 at 11:50 PM
Hi everyone i went to mexico in may to have the sleeve DR. ALMANZA it was great i was 412lbs im 287.5lbs the weight has slowed up but it still coming off god is good and if anyone out there have any questions please feel free to ask me anything i would love to tell u all about it and i will do it again if i had to.If yoor thinking of having the sleeve GO FOR IT!!!!!!!

weight loss has slowed down but im still good!

by SHAWANNE on 12-01-2012 at 07:01 PM
i had surgery May 7,2012 and i lost 115lbs even though it has slowed up( the pounds) im still looking and feeling GREAT!!!!!The sleeve was a great choice and if anyone out there is thinking about it DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!I feel so goooooodd! i was wearing a 30/32 im now wearing a 22 some 24 god is so good i want to get into a 14/16 at least..but i am feeling so good..I am doing so many things that i could not do before surgery.Please feel free to ask me any questions anytime this was the best decision

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