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    Happy Birthday!
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    Thanks Candis! I wish you all the success and blessings for a safe outcome!!
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    we leave in 11 days,, are you still going?
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    Hi Candis have you had your surgery yet? I am from Tulsa and scheduled in June.
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    I am going for my surgery on this date also.. its great to have support from others and to know you wont be alone on that day )
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    Thank you so much, I am at hotel ticuan , surgery went good, no lie first night was hell with dry heaving tiny burps and they need better. Pain meds here, I'll post more when I am home , thank you for keeping me in your thoughts :-)
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    Does the wind really come sweeping down the plains? Your surgery is just around the corner! How ya feeling?
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    good luck...I'm from Oklahoma and had my surgery a few weeks ago here in OKC
  9. I drove to Eagle Pass, TX and crossed into Mexcio at Piedras Negras. The surgeon is Dr. Alvarez. He is amazing; so kind, so handsome, so caring. He still keeps in contact with me. It felt very safe. There was no time during the trip that I felt afraid for my life (well except some natural anxiety about being put under). Hospital isn't spotless, but its clean and the staff is very professional (except they don't speak English). Dr. A has 2 full time aides that stay with his patients to translate. There is a dr in Juarez that does it half what I paid, but if you look online about Juarez it scared the crap outta me!
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    Thank you Candis for your offer of help, it was greatly appreciated. Things are getting better everyday, just battling mental hunger now I think. Hope things go well for you on your surgery. Keep us updated!
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    Dr. Almanza is great his staff is very loving. I have lost 25 lbs preop (30 days) and 11 post op. I will give you more details on the dr. Once i am up to it . But i have no regrets.
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    You are like me at the end of May. Hope the time goes fast. Love your name and hope this surgery brings you everything you are wishing for
  13. Hi Candis. I am from Oklahoma as well, I live in Checotah. I just wanted to say that I just had my surgery in Mexico on March 19th by Dr. Alvarez in Piedras. It went very very smoothly. I have no complaints about my surgery or the care I received. I am down 20 lbs including the 7 day pre-op liquid phase. You can ask any questions you would like. Best wishes to you.
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I have had a gastric sleeve.
I am just a Southern girl... all sass, with tats, piercings, and whatnot. I have two sons, one in college and one in highschool, and when I finish losing my weight, I am going to start my own band and start barrel racing! :D
OOOOOOOO-OK-LAHOMA, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...
Students, Horses, Music, Four Wheelers, Mud!
Language Arts Teacher, yo!
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Dr. F. Garcia
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In the beginning, there was Red Velvet Cake...

by Candis the Beautiful on 04-04-2012 at 02:11 PM
The first time another person ever commented on my weight was at my great-grandfather's funeral. Some elderly lady let me know right quick that my slice of Red Velvet Cake, made special by my Louisiana Grandma with the real recipe from the "real" hotel (she'd say), was far too big, and I was going to be as well if I ate it. Already rebellious (I was born that way), I forked a BIG mouthfull and smiled while squishing cake and icing through my teeth. I was six. (picture the cake...lol)

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