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    Hi nikki....long time no talk ..how is my sleeve buiddy doing? You look great in ur pic...I. down 122# as of today and 2 # below my first goal weight...yaaa me....ultimate goal 8 more pounds....r u still exercising? I did every day religiously but last 2 weeks no time...I am having an arm lift Nov 16th...so I am excited...I got a new phone so send me ur number again...
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    Girl! Look at you! Loving your profile picture! And I'm diggin' that phone case
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    I hope you're recovering well from your surgery today!!
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    Congrats on your surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Please post a new thread and let us know how everything is going.
  5. Good luck with everything,wishing you a speedy recovery!!
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    I seen you posted that you are not feeling well. I hope you are better. I will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow. Best of luck and let us know how you are doing.
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    Don't worry about the food you ate. There is no way you ate enough with just a hot dog and egg that you enlarge your liver. If you look at the people that are regretting things it is usually from a MX surgeon. It is not easy but you will be fine. I trust Dr. Kowalski and Josh and you should too. I had never stayed in the hospital before this surgery and I was a little freaked out but really you will be fine. Just trust that you made the right decision. I am doing well. I am down 40lbs and feeling pretty good. I still can't exercise to much just walking. It is hard to get the protein down still so I have been using protein bars and milk so far I am averaging about 55 protein in a day with food. I know that I still need to get more but right now it is all that will fit. If I try to get all 60 in I just make my stomach upset. I will be 4 wks post op tomorrow so just another 4 weeks and I can start eating beef and etc.
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    3 More days how are you feeling?
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    Arixtra shots are nothing...I was freaked out about having to do it and looking at a needle sometimes makes me pass out but after the first time it is nothing. You honestly do not feel it you pinch your stomach at a spot that you are not bruised and just stick and go. I had to stay at the hospital an extra day and 1/2 so I only had to give myself 5 shots but really I had no problem. I lost 17lbs on the liquid diet and so now I am down a total of 36 lbs. When you get home from the hosptial do not weigh yourself because they pump you full of so much liquid weight.
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    How are you doing on your liquid diet? Tip on the protein shakes make them the night before and it will lose some of the mineral taste. Hope you are doing good. Stay strong it is worth it in the end.
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    How is it going on your liquid diet day #2 Nikki? Just wanted to see how you were coping..I am worried about starting it next week. What did you do to prepare to start did you start it early by chance? Good luck girl & keep me updated!!
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    I started a group called Dr. Christopher Kowalski Sleevers because I have found a few other people that are having surgery with him so feel free to join. Click on groups and search.
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    I had my surgery at the hospital since my insurance would only cover a center of excellence and they have not finished all of the paper work for the pavillion. The people at the hospital were great. I am one week post-op today and I did have to stay in the hospital an extra night because of nausea and acid reflex. Tell them quick if you are getting acid reflex because the nurses can not just give you the meds to treat that they have to wait on doctors orders. Since I have been home I have not taking any pain meds it is uncomfortable more like an annoying feeling not really pain. Please feel free to ask me anything. I know everyone is different but I am happy to share my experience with you about the Arixtra shots, 2 week liquid diet, etc. I have my follow up appointment with Dr. Kowalski tomorrow and I hope to be able to come home and eat some refried beans....I am so ready to chew on something.
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    Finally I have found someone with the same surgeon as me on this site. I just had my surgery monday have to say it is not as painful as I thought it would be. I go see him again on Monday. I am just so happy to find another Kowalski sleever.
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    Good morning Nikki : ) I just wanted to welcome you to this lovely site. The people in here are sooooo awesome loll & helpful. I'm at work now but hoping we can talk soon.... ENJOY THE SITE : )
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