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  1. Lots of chasity tolberts!!! Where do you live?
  2. Actually, it's Daniel Misty Baker!!!
  3. Awesome job excited&scared!!!! So proud of you!!! I have had a stall for three or four days and that frustrates me. So soon? I know every doctor is different, but mine says to only eat three meals a day and not to snack. Idk? Hopefully I will see a drop in the next few days. Looking you up on facebook now! I am under Misty Baker!!!
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    I had my surgery the same day you did. I am now down 23 pounds total. My typical day is protien shake in the morning then about 1 1/2 -2 hours later a snack like fat free pudding, or yougart then lunch soup or something I can easily chew then snack another protein and then dinner I have had fish, or chicken. I HAVE to eat something every 2 hours or I am starving. I am gonna hope to start excersing in the near future. Im gonna try zumba. I can tell I have lost inches in my waist thats why im not stressing the total pounds. I slipped up on my protein this weekend and I noticed big time. I dont know about your dr but mine lets me have fish and chicken now and pasta with meat sauce. The only thing I havent been able to eat is eggs. It feels like they get stuck. I will also give you my personal email its chasitytolbert@ymail.com and if you are on FB look me up its under chasity tolbert Have a great day
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    Hey just wanted to check on you and see how you are? Have you been able to eat any foods yet? I have started and everything seems to go down to easy lol except eggs. The two times I have tried them they felt like they got stuck. I am hungry ALL the time!!
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    Hi! Congrats on your surgery!!! I hope I can schedule mine for next month. How are you doing?
    Any trials yet? Have you been in a lot of pain?
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    Congrats on your surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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    Good luck with your surgery!
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    Just wanted to tell you good luck on Friday!!! Hope your making out ok with your liquid diet (if you have to do one) Are you having yours done in the states or are you going to Mexico??
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    Hello, I am new here myself but find myself back here alot. Good info & support!!
  11. Hello all!!!! Been reading up on this site over the last few weeks!!! I am very excited! My procedure is scheduled 02/20/2012!!! Many of your posts have answered so many questions that I have thought of!!! Also, reading the posts is definately motivation to keep moving forward!!! Can't wait!!! I'll keep ya updated!!! (;
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Hit the fabulous one-derland and note to all you stallers!!!

by Mbaker on 03-31-2012 at 10:30 AM
Hey all, hope every one is doing well with our "teeny tiny tummys"!!! Just wanted to update all and give those of you that are several weeks out of surgery and stalling some hope!!! I began pre-op at 235 9 weeks ago. Lost 15 lbs in my 2 weeks of liquids. After surgery I had gained 5 lbs due to fluid and came home weighing 225. Two weeks post-op I weighed 207 and at 20 days post-op 205. Then stall, stall, stall and slow loss. I was so upset. I stalled for 3 weeks and was very disappointed.

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Stall so early!!!

by Mbaker on 03-01-2012 at 09:31 AM
Hello everyone!!! I hope all is well. Quick question: Has anyone ever had a stall as quick as their 3rd week post op? My scales havent moved in five days!!! Starting to stress a little. I am getting in about 500-600 calories a day which I think is good for my third week!!! Just don't understand!!! Lost 30 lbs including pre-op and the full two weeks after surgery, but now all this week nothing!!! I am so scared that this is an indicator that I'm going to once again fail at this!!! Please advise!!!

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Question? - Water fills me up!

by Mbaker on 02-24-2012 at 09:29 AM
I went to my 2 week post-op yesterday. I am a little over-whelmed with the instructions given to me. At least 64 ounces of water daily, yet I cannot drink 30 minutes prior to or after eating!!! My problem as I started drinking tons of water today is that I have had 10 ounces of water and I am stuffed. My question is, I can get the water down, but in feeling stuffed from water and forcing myself to drink it, can water stretch my new little tummy? I don't want to stretch my new tool so soon and especially

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Yucky BM question!!!!

by Mbaker on 02-19-2012 at 11:00 AM
Ok, so I had my surgery 02/10/2012!!! (9 days ago)!!!! Starting weight 235. Weight day of surgery 220. Weight day after surgery 225 (fluids)!! Current weight 212!!!!!! Down a total of 23 lbs!!!!!!! So excited, but one question... I have not had a bowel movement since surgery -9 days!!!! Kinda getting worried!!! Have first post-op thursday, but wondering if this is something I should call my dr. About on Monday, or if this is normal?????? Appreciate any input!!!!!

Pain pump

by Mbaker on 02-12-2012 at 06:51 AM
Hey all!!! Was sleeved this past Friday!!!! Pain pump still in place!!!! They decreased the automatic dosage about an hour ago and are weening me off of it. Nurse said I will be on a liquid pain medication when I get off of it later today!!!! Questions: 1. Have been limited to ice chips, so worried I won't be able to drink the liquid pain med!!! 2. Does the liquid pain med work as well as the pump!!!! Super nervous!!!! Hate pain (as I'm sure everyone else does too)!!!

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