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  1. Haaaa awesome pose on your before & after! I'm so doing that when I hit 180...ETA Christmas day or bust! Congrats on your success, you look great!
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    U look awesome! Can u tell me what was your routine like 3-6 months post op? My weight loss is crawling now just after 2 mnths post op and its very depressing.
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    I was rebellious and remember...a slow learner. =) Anyway, that was just the first year and my thinking was I needed the fluids and it was the only thing I could get down...it was later when I realized that it was causing me to have indigestion that I quit drinking it. I've tried a slip or two since then and it taste nasty now. (Thank goodness!)
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    I've overeaten a zillion times...yes, apparently I am a slow learner but still it's all good. I struggled with giving up coke, finally I don't want it anymore but for the 1st year I drank about 32 oz a day with no stretching...in fact during that first year I was like please stretch a little! haha So yeah, I really don't think it can stretch. For those that gain with the sleeve I think it's just poor eating choices. =(
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    Hi Lisa. I am doing great. Maintenance is going well and restriction is as strong today as it was a year ago. I still eat what I'd call a child's portion if not a little less. The only issues I have is behaving myself when it comes to sweets....my advice is to know your weak spots and avoid them like the plague. We just got back from vacation and I gained 3 pounds, I know that's not alot but I don't ever want to be fat again so it is to me so I'm determined to get it off. All and all, I love my sleeve and would do it again in a split second and knowing what I know now, I wish I'd of done it 20 years ago. I hope this helps. -Linda
  6. Wow!!!!! Amazing! Very inspiring! You truely look amazing. Congrats on your journey. Cant wait to read your blog. And your pics are the best. Awesome
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    Wow! You look amazing! What a difference a year can make. Very inspirational...as I am starting out about your size. Thanks so much for posting your pics. It really does help motivate ;-)
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    Here's the news - weigh in produced a total of . . . . drum roll please . .. ... . . . 53lbs.

    Cannot believe in three months. WOW - seems like a lot, but doesn't. I guess because I have so much to lose. I am happy though - you got to start somewhere. My goal is 70 by my birthday which is the very end of March. I think I can do it. Will keep you posted.
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    Okay - 43lbs down now in 2 months. Crazy but I want more. I know it will happen but not fast enough. I will just look at you and keep my inspiration going.

    How are you?
  10. I have lost 130 pounds with no body contouring. After I finish losing and get my exercise routine down, I may find that I don't need any further surgeries. My surgeon said to wait at least 12-18 months AFTER losing all your weight to consider contouring surgery.
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    hi Lisa u look amazing how much did u loose overall? did u get any body contouring done??
  12. I do have some loose skin on my arms, stomach and inner thighs. I camouflage it fairly easily though!
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    You look amazing!! Thank you for sharing!
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    Your skin looks great. Doesn't look like you have had any problems with sagging skin. Any tips for us?
  15. Just looked at your before and after shots. WOW, Chica! You've done so well. =) Congratulations!
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11.2 pounds UNDER goal!

by lshepler on 07-15-2012 at 11:02 AM
I am 18 months out from Gastric Sleeve surgery, and have surpassed my goal of weighing 150 pounds by 10 pounds. This morning I weighed 138.8. I have recently started losing again after a several month stall at about 147-149. Not sure what has caused this, other than my psychiatrist put me back on antidepressants and he said that I may lose some weight. Otherwise, I haven't changed my

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11 months and AT GOAL!

by lshepler on 12-31-2011 at 01:34 PM
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I have officially met my goal of losing 130 pounds. I was sleeved with Dr. Alvarez in Piedras Negras, Mexico on January 24th this year. It seems insane to me that in less than one year's time I would be at my goal weight. I find myself wondering now though, what's going to stop me losing more? I always said "I really don't expect to even make it to my goal weight,

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