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    Hi Kelly Jo! I hope everything is going great for you!! Crazy story for you lol I had my consultation today with LaMaster's and I absolutely love her so far!! I felt very confortable with her and got almost all of my questions so far answered! I was just about to message you before I went in to ask if I go to the hopsital or to the same place in West Des Moines but then I found it on one of the pieces of paper. I got to the office and am almost positive I may have seen your husband leaving. Everyone was saying good luck so if he is getting close tell him congrats and good luck for me! I do still need to go to the support group and I think I am going to the next one in October and I see theres a chance for prizes!! Woohoo. Anyways, so far, I am very pleased with how everything is falling into place and I can see how this 6 months will just fly by with all of these appointments
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    Phew very good news!! Does she do anything different as far as procedure to make the process a little slower? I actually think slow may be better for me just so my skin can go back to normal. I am going to the lecture this Friday in West Des Moines and then the ball will start rolling. I am super excited and more than ready. I currently live in Pella and commute to work in Des Moines. My dad was a surgeon in Grinnell where he specialized in weight loss surgeries with the now male surgeon through Iowa Health. My mom is also a family doctor on the south side of Des Moines through Iowa Health at The South Glen clinic. Such a small world I am so glad you were pleased with her though! Like I said, I am just now going to the informational seminar and then all my appointments will start so maybe we all will cross paths sometime soon with your husband now starting the process also
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    Hi Kelly Jo. I just joined the Midwest group and saw you had your's done with LeMaster's in Des Moines! How did everything go? I am getting ready to meet her on Friday and she will be doing my sleeve surgery also. My insurance covers Iowa Health and the male surgeon used to be my dad's business partner in Grinnell so I didn't want to add any pressure to him since he knows my family pretty well. I have only heard great things about her and can't wait to meet her this Friday!
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    Kelly Jo! How surprised I was to see that you are in Iowa also? Where did you get surgery done? I also have had children in marching band (your daughter in your profile pic?) I wonder if we have crossed path at marchng band competitions? Congratulations on your nearly 100 lb weight loss!!! Is it slowing down like mine is? I would guess I'm down to 4-5 lbs per month tops....if I look at the big picture and don't focus on the stalls. (aren't they a bear??) anyway, I'm in Waterloo...and wanted to say HI!!
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    ehh I was online every now and then when in the hopital, but to be honest with you as soon as a thought came to mind it was gone before I could say or type it...lol thanks for checking in, I hope to be at the next support group and have the majority of my inital struggles behind me.
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    Thankfully I have no upcoming trips planned...I can only imagine how hard it would be to eat healthy in an environment you really have no control over - it's kind of crazy when you think about it...how if someone would have taken the time to plan around more nutritious meals...especially since it is your kids you're talking about!

    Maybe this change in your eating patterns (now that you're back on track) will give you a boost in your weight loss. I don't know how much truth there is to it...but I hear people talking about drastically chaning one's eating patterns (for the bad, then back to good) and this helping jump start their weight loss. Good luck on your continued weight loss.

    I didn't even know they had a gym at the Hy-Vee on Fleur...do you know the name of it?

    I was ecstatic when Dr. LaMasters offered me May 2nd I was crossing my fingers for May 9th or 10th but the sooner the better!

    I'm not even sure where I'll be...where in the hospital do you work?
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    I don't know if you saw or not...I got my surgery date!!!! So so excited! May 2nd (next Wednesday). Thank you so much for all your support and words of wisdom
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    I got my approval letter from my insurance company on the 19th but LaMasters office submitted it for the bypass instead of the sleeve so they had to resubmit it, which they finally did this past Monday. I'm giving it until next Monday and I'm thinking this one should be approved by then. I hope I can schedule the appointment with LaMasters next week so I can get a surgery date asap. My employer is going through downsizing (well they have been) and I'm scared they are going to make cut backs in my area leaving me without a job but more importantly insurance. I just wish things would move quicker.

    Thanks for checking in with me...
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    I have had my initial consultation with Dr. LaMasters and then a follow up appointment with another lady...I don't think she was just a nurse but I can't recall her name or title. I had an appointment for Monday that I ended up cancelling because Lona (a gal that handles insurance approval) suggested I cancel it since I haven't heard back from my insurance company yet. Yesterday when Lona told me the insurance company asked to allow 21 days (pushing me out to April 2nd) I figured I'd call today and set up my appointment to schedule my surgery for April, but one of the nurses said to wait and they'll call me to schedule that. So hopefully I'm not missing anything. ;o)

    You're right though the weather is looking better and better each day, good for you for getting out to enjoy and take advantage of it. After your surgery how soon did you feel like you could physically handle walking Gray's Lake? Granted I know it was winter, so you probably didn't, but I just wonder how soon after we can exercise...nothing major I'm sure for awhile, but walking 2 miles whether at the park or gym would be nice like a week or two out?
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    Thanks again for your information...from what you shared with me it sounds like I should go ahead and schedule an appointment with Dr. LaMasters pending insurance approval that is. At least that way I have it on the calendar and if I'm able will move it up if their response allows. That's great that she was able to get you in that quick, I know with yours being around the holidays she may have been less busy, but that gives me an idea of how long to expect. I've been jumping through all the hoops (even though my insurance company only required a BMI of 40 or 35 with health issues) since July of last year and I'm ready to get going!

    Thanks again...I enjoy following you and your progress!
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    Hi Kelly Jo, I'm waiting on insurance approval and was wondering from your experience with Dr. LaMasters office once you got your insurance approval how long before were you able to schedule your surgery? Also how far out was it scheduled?

    Thanks for your help!
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    How have you been doing?
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    glad to hear you're better. I hope today went well for you too.
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    Hi Kelly ... you feeling any better today?
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    Thank you very much.. God Bless !
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IVC filter?

by Kelly Jo on 09-20-2012 at 12:44 AM
So hubby got approved for his surgery and has set a date (2 weeks!)

He is about 200 lbs overweight. Our surgeon told him she wants him to have an IVC filter placed the morning of the surgery. I'm a nurse so I'm familiar with the filters.

However, I have not heard of anyone having these prior to sleeve surgery. Anyone else heard of this?



I know stalls are normal, but....

by Kelly Jo on 05-10-2012 at 04:33 PM
I'm a bit more than 5 months out. I have, from day one, lost slower than many. But this last month, I haven't lost anything. Doesn't seem to matter what I do. Up my calories, lessen my calories, exercise, don't exercise. I have, I think, for the most part, stayed pretty positive through all these months. Even knowing I was losing slow, I was ok with it. But I am truly reaching my point of frustration at this point. I keep gaining and losing the same 3-4 pounds. I was excited last week because I

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Please help

by Kelly Jo on 12-29-2011 at 04:40 PM
I am now 22 days post op. I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing. The weight just isn't coming off. I have lost 11 lbs post op. Every 3 or 4 days, I might lose a pound. I had a week or so of losing a pound a day, otherwise it's just crawling.

I was told by the dietician to be around 600-800 calories a day, which is what I am doing. I'm getting in my protein and my fluids. I started back to work and the gym just yesterday, but was doing a good amount of walking prior to that.

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