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    Oh I just looked at the messages and realized that you already had the surgery 2 yes ago sorry..... How are things going for you?
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    Hi just wanted to say hello I am also having my surgery Dec 9th... Hope all goes well for you' I started at 287 and am now at 273 so 13 pounds down after being on a 10 day liquid diet, really excited and ready to get the next phase started!
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    so I haven't heard from you since February.................do you get on here much? How are you doing?
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    Hello there! So, it's been awhile.........how are you feeling?
    Just wanted to touch base with you and check in to see how the loss is going... I'm down from 246 to 174............hovering here for a bit, we shall see where we are next week. My goal is 140, so not much farther to get there.......

    what is the digestion like? Warm weather is here now, so get out and start loving life on the thinner side. Been thinking about you and hope all is well!
    Take care, drop a line!
  5. Well I have still been so busy.. But its been about a week since I weighed.. thought I would let everyone know I am down 45 pounds as of last monday.. waiting on Monday for my weigh in day. Think once a week is better than everyday!
  6. I havent been on in a while.. so busy with work. I have been feeling really good laely. The pounds are not dropping as fast as I Want but they are still dropping. I finally got to the 240's today.. I am officially at 249. Thats a great thing since I havent been that in a long long time. I know this new year will have alot of new and exciting things for me. I am so glad that I had this surgery.. even though sometimes I feel like I can't eat and I am so use to eating eating eating.. but this is the new me and I WILL be so glad that Food does not rule me! I am so happy!
  7. ok.. Happy New Year everyone.. Next year we will all be so different. I just hope that I stay a sweet person just wanna look fabulous!
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    hello girlfriend! How goes it today? .........I ate some green bean casserole last night... it was ok. lots of soup. Today cream of potato soup mixed with lactose free milk seems to be going down ok. I haven't tried the salad............I'll be waiting till the three month........I'm just too afraid. I wonder if I'd like tuna? I had a little left over turkey in some chicken broth, but I am finding I'm still only at 2 oz for my stomach.......Can't wait till this stretches a little, and I wanna BURP! can't do that yet..........
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    good morning! dropping in today to see how you are doing! Day by day this seems to get easier, huh? I'm loving it now...........just waiting for salad day. Although it will probably still be out of a baby dish. hahahaha. Well, just saying hi..........Happy New year 2012 to ya!

  10. Swarizonaone... Thanks.. I had my surgery on the 9th and I am doing much better. At first it was kind of hard but as time goes on I am doing better. I hope all goes well with both of us!
  11. Thanks Girlie Girl.. i have been doing pretty good.. It took a bit but I am doing ok now!
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    I've been reading and watching you and also your visitors! So, did we have the surgery on the 9th? I had mine on the 7th. I'm finally starting to feel more human, after 18 days............the first two weeks were grueling for me. Couldn't get down anything but a popsicle. Day by day I'm handling more and more things............and trying more things than ever. I actually tried cottage cheese for the first time in my life! NOT BAD!! ............AND vegetable soup yesterday.........I'm typically a meat/potatoes girl. But I'm digging on veggies!

    update you, love to know how you are!
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    I'm live in byhalia, ms but work in Southaven. God luck to you! We can do this together!!!
  14. Thanks! I am glad to hear. I hope it gets better... I think maybe I may be eating too fast. Will go very slow tomorrow! Thanks again! Will let u know how I do.
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    A few times I would have some pain after swallowing but not often. Your's is probably that you still have gas moving around and its not all gone yet. I noticed I was probably on day four or five before I FINALLY got rid of all the gas. I just kept walking, walking, walking as much as I could to move everything around. After four or five days it seemed to settle down and I didn't have the pain after I drank or ate. I do notice even now if I eat too fast or drink too fast I will have pain. Like right now...I just ate a little cup of the sugar free jello and I ate it too fast. I'm having a "wave" of pain that comes and goes. I know it was from eating too fast. I feel so good I tend to forget and I start eating like before. I have got to remember to SLOW DOWN. I hope you will start feeling better. Today is day 9 for me and I feel GREAT!! Had my post-op visit with my surgeon today and he said I was doing wonderful. Down 16 pounds. I can't tell you how much better it gets. Every day it just improves more and you will find what you drink and eat today that gives you a problem won't so much the next time you try. Slow and easy has done wonders for me!
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About LadyBug36
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I have had a gastric sleeve.
I have been overweight most of my life. I wanted to have gastric surgery many years ago but was scared to have my intestines rerouted. So after my insurance started paying for the surgeries I decided on finally going through with the surgery. I have done everything that my Dr says is necessary to send it to my insurance for approval... I am just waiting on the approval. I hope it will be soon! I am about 160 lbs overweight and need to lose weight for my 2 kids!
Clarksdale, Ms
I love to play with my kids, read and spend time with my family.
Radiolgic Technologist
Lelia Black
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Dr Carroll
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is it ok to speed up my type of foods?

by LadyBug36 on 12-26-2011 at 10:22 PM
I was tollerating soups very well so I went to puree pretty good. Now I have gone to regular foods.. somewhat.. and can tollerate them as long as I chew them very very good. I had some plane tuna on a wheat thin today for lunch and done pretty good. Its been 17 days since surgery and I have done really well. I have lost 33 pounds. I just wonder if I may have speeded things up too much? Any suggestions?

What types of exercise is best?

by LadyBug36 on 12-21-2011 at 07:29 PM
What type of exercises is best for us to lose weight? I Have tried walking and of course thats my favorite. The only thing is I don't have a treadmil and it has rained so much since I got out of the hospital. I so want to just go out and walk walk walk.. I actually feel like walking! Which is so different from before.. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch TV.

Tired of this clear liquid diet!

by LadyBug36 on 12-07-2011 at 08:26 PM
I am so tired of this clear liquid diet.. I have been on liquids for 16 days! I have been on clear liquids for 9 of those days. I absolutely hate beef broth and chicken broth! I use to like it but thats all I can have. I even began hating jello. I know this is all necessary and I only have tomorrow to eat my last bit of broth and then my surgery on Friday! I can hardly wait! This is going to be the best thing I have ever done! I guess I just needed to let this out. My friends don't really understand.

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How bad is the pain after you wake from surgery?

by LadyBug36 on 12-05-2011 at 08:41 PM
I am having my surgery on Friday and am trying to prepare myself for just how bad I will hurt. My doctor doesn't give a pain pump so it will be whatever thru the iv for the first day. Is it as bad as I imagine? Explain as much as possible please? Thanks everyone!

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