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  1. It’s the day before my surgery and I am SOOO nervous! I know this is what I need to do. But it’s just my daughter and I and I am so nervous something is going to happen.
  2. Good morning! Yesterday was my first full day on the preop diet. Surgery is in 6 more days. I did not have a bad first diet day but last night I struggled. I wasnít hungry it was all in my brain. Today has not been bad but I know as the day goes on I will struggle. Anyone have any tips? I try to keep focused and just try to remind myself itís going to be worth it.
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I have not had a gastric sleeve.
I am 53 years old. I am a widow. I had to return to the witkfurld after my husbands passing. And because if my weight I have a hard time doing my job. Which I work in a daycare. I chose the gastric sleeve so I could get into better shape to possibly one day get a job that is not in a daycare.
West Virginia
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Childcare supervisor
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Sam Rossi



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Pain in left shoulder!!

by Grammieof4 on 06-10-2019 at 10:04 AM
Has anyone on here ever experienced the gas settling into the shoulder? I woke with it like that yesterday and it is still there today. At first I thought it was a muscle strain from getting in those hospital beds and pulling myself up. But I really think it is the gas settling there because if I hold my arm and take a deep breath it doesnít hurt but if I take one without holding it it is excruciating. Anyone have any ideas? I donít know if I can go another day like this!!

Feeling better everyday!

by Grammieof4 on 06-09-2019 at 09:06 AM
I am three days post op and am doing better than I thought I would. I have little to no pain in the incision sites and the gas is finally going away. However I must have messed my shoulder up trying to pull myself up in that hospital bed. At first I thought it was gas but I really think I stressed the muscle. Ice and heat help . But all in all I am doing good.

Surgery Day!!!

by Grammieof4 on 06-06-2019 at 04:22 AM
Well the day is finally here! I am so excited but yet a little nervous. This is the day I have been working towards for six months. Can anyone give me advice for the next few days? I would appreciate the thoughts and prayers these coming days.

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