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  1. I am coming along well since surgery. There were a few scary moments but overall everything has been good. My primary care physician is monitoring two of my incisions that are still hard beneath the surface. He told me to continue restricting use of my core muscles.
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    I really haven't thought about what I will pack at this point other than what I will wear on the plane after the surgery. I am waiting on the doctor to tell me if it's ok to fly 19 hrs back to Bahrain so my surgery isn't set in stone at this point. I really don't want to put it off until Jan. when I return to Alabama but that may be the case. I know it is suggested that we pack lite since we aren't able to lift heavy items. Hmmmm....... this will be a first. LOL! I travel often and can't even pack lite for a weekend away. My backpack alone is typically about 20 lbs. and my suitcase has a minimum of 5 pairs of shoes. (Yes, I am making a joke.) I have read a few blogs which suggest bringing a heating pad, some slip resistant socks, and some Mylicon. Someone also stated that the massage for $20 was worth the cost if offered. What do you think you'll bring? Are you traveling alone?

    All I can say at this point is "UGH, this pre-op prep." 4 weeks of diet and then 6 days of clear liquids. I guess it's the price I'll pay. I have asked the medical traveling company to verify with the doctor exactly how many carbs, fats, proteins, and sugars I can have per day. In my opinion, the diet wasn't specific enough. I was happy to find a protein powder that has zero fats, carbs, or sugars. Living in Bahrain really limits my choices. I was lucky that I brought some sugar free jello back with me from the states when I flew here in Aug. Have you begun your diet? How is it going for you?
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    Yes my doctor recommend i lose 15 lbs before surgery and i follow up with him wednesday before i leave to go to mexico. But im not sure afterwards i think i have to follow up 3 weeks post op.
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    Ya like some people look at me and they're like oh you dont need it just eat right, cut some things out and exercise more. I'm like sure thatll work because i just played sports only for fun and not to reap the weight loss benefits. Anyway im still going to get it done because I really want to lose the weight and I dont mind the discipline it takes but I want to gain my fertility back cause I do want kids
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    so what do you mean that your mom and uncle cant go?
  6. Thank you SapphireLevaou for sharing
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    Ok so I haven't found many issues post- op for alot of members on here who have had him. But I looked on youtube and found the video where he got bad publicity where people were like OMG i went to go see him and have my vsg done by him and now I have all these problems and some of these problems could've killed me or theyve changed my life forever. Only to find out that the surgeon working wasnt even Dr.Almanza because he had flight tickets and receipts of where he had been off on a vacation with his family and there was another surgeon in the office performing the vsg surgeries but I guess the guy was trying to do it under Dr.almanza's name but the guy got fired and I've read posts and blogs from people that have had surgery after that incident and I havent seen anything similar pop up in the last 3 yrs since that incident.
  8. Thank you for replying to my questions. I apprecite you time and honest answers. Moving forward with my plans. I am waiting to hear from the office to confirm the date of my choice. I am an educator so I am off of work the week of the 19th for the holiday. Do you think this is a good time or should I look into a different date?
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    I also plan to get my surgery moreso next july
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    So for me I've just gone on the groups page and looked under the 2 groups for dr almanza and then I've gone on the surgeries tab to find people who've recently had surgery with him or that are 6mths post op so that I can gain some insight from them as far as how the process has gone but I've gone back to the year 2015 posts because of the plubicity he recieved for those few people having had gotten complications post op from him but so far yr 16' 17' and 18' has been all good
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    Hello! Thank you so much! I had my gastric sleeve done 3 years ago and my experience was great. I actually asked him not to do a full gastric sleeve so I wouldn’t lose so much weight. I only lost 60 lbs and. It came off slow. I started lifting weights at the gym about 6 weeks after surgery and kept up my diet for the most part. The only side effects of the surgery have been heartburn and not being able to drink water the way I used to.
  12. Did the doctor tell you how much weight you would lose? What is your total weight loss goal?
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    I was in a lot of pain during recovery. I have to be honest, it was an instant gut reaction of regret. I had a tremendous amount of gas. But, I am 13 days out now and I feel much much better. My stitches are out and I still have no appetite. I started this experience of pre op diet on 5-28-18 so as of yesterday I am down 38 pounds.
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    The hospital is brand new and behind a locked gate. There is someone at the gate at all times. No one can just go in and out. The hotel was the same, new, had people all around. Never felt unsafe. Many of the nurses and staff spoke enough English to understand. The Dr has a heavy accent and sometimes they think before they talk, but I could understand everything they said all times. I think its very important you bring someone with you though. You need to have an advocate that will look out for you and get things for you. The first few days are rough. We were scheduled to go shopping but after waiting an hour and a half for the shuttle van we were told it wasnt available. It was okay though. After thinking about it, none of us were really up for the trip.
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    Hey ma'am,
    To be honest, the overall experience was great. I felt safe, the staff was wonderful, supportive, and helpful. Truly, I only met the DR once. He met us in the lobby area of the hospital to explain the surgery to us as a group, then posed for a photo op. Never saw the man after that ever. Everyone else was constant, same nurses, staff, but I never laid eyes on the DR after the lobby experience. I guess he did the surgery... lol Others checked on us, but never him.
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by Krstal02 on 11-26-2018 at 01:33 PM
I am at day 7 post-op! Whoooooo! I am still a bit sore but not in a huge amount of discomfort. I am concerned about the large incision because it is still draining but I am told that is normal and it takes the longest to mend. I enjoyed the experience through Dr. Almanza. He has impeccable bed size manner and his staff were accommodating and attentive. The flight back home was hard on me needless to say yet I made it. I met a woman on the flight who was in Mexico having the sleeve procedure

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