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    Hi Glenn,

    I'm feeling OK and going back to work tomorrow (day 6 post-op)....but work from home. Everything went well and I've been off pain meds for ~48 hrs now. My only issue of concern is my knee that has flared up. I will likely need surgery on it....but I need to find a way to delay it...maybe with a brace. Unfortunately, a bum knee makes it hard to exercise. Other than the knee....all else is well!
  2. My wife woke up scared a couple nights ago - she couldn't hear me breathing. Apparently my heavy breathing was bad before surgery.

    My BP controlled with two meds before surgery was 135/87 (normal, but thereabouts).
    My BP readings now fluctuate a bit, but my last two readings were 113/71. I'd say average is about 118/77, maybe a bit lower.

    And sleep apnea seems to be either cured or greatly improved.

    My cholesterol was 237 in Jan. I had a free health screening at work in april and it was 197 (that was about 1 month after I started to try to lose weight). I will get it checked again in November probably. I'd guess it'd be 150 or lower by then.

    so yeah, my health is a LOT better now. Hopefully your results will be very similar!
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    That's where my BMI will be by surgery date. No worries here as they only care where your starting BMI is. Also, I'm on BP meds, have severe sleep apnea, high cholestorol, and pulmonary hypertension. :-O I have read that lower BMI's at surgery contribute to lower complications and overall sleeve success.
  4. I'm 5 10
    My home weight was 276
    My hospital weight might have been a tad higher.

    I had sleep apnea and high blood pressure so even if my weight was 276 with a 39.6 BMI it wasnt an issue because I had 2 comorbalities. Regardless I was right at 40 BMI.


    I would have been worried -as silly as that is - if I didnt have sleep apnea or high bp
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    Hi Glenn, It looks like you made a lot of progress in your pre-surgery dieting as well! Do you know what your BMI was at surgery? If not, what is your height?
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    Thanks Glenn! I've added that to the list of items to review with my doc 2 weeks before surgery. I know in the past I've had trouble with low carb/low fiber diets.....and especially had colon probs when taking pain meds. Pain meds seem to make my colon come to a halt. I've read that others have had this issue as well.....and that it seems to be temporary in most cases until you have adjusted your diet. In addition to lots of water, fiber and stool softners.....take extra fish oil. Hopefully you can get this issue behind you. ;-)

    Great to hear that you are coming along well otherwise.
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    Hello Glenn, I believe you are 12 days post-op. When I have my sleeve done this will be the day before I return back to the office.
    I hope all is going well for you! How are you feeling?
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    Fantastic! Off the BP meds! From what I've gathered you are having a fairly typical recovery. First 4-5 days are challenging...then quickly uphill from there.

    For BP meds I currently take 2x100mg Metropolol and 2x50mg Losartan (Coozar). Which BP meds did you drop off of in the past few weeks?

  9. Great. I have a minor pain occassionally in the hole they used to remove my stomach, but it doesn't happen often. I could easily go to work in the office if I had to.

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    Hey Mr. Glenn, It's day 8....congratulations! How are you coming along?
  11. Check in anytime. I think 6 days off (including the weekend) then work from home a week would work. I probably could work from home today if I had to.

    I havent slept enough the past 6 days. Sleep a lot and you'll probably recover faster.
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    Right now I'm scheduled for 9/25/18. I'm a bit concerned because I just started a new job last month. (I'm on my wife's medical insurance)
    My surgery was originally scheduled for 6/26/18....but I got the call for this job and could not pass it up (especially now that I'm over 50). It's a very stressful job with a 90 min cummute each way. :-(
    I'm confident I can get 4 days off (Tues-Fri) then work from home the following week. I plan to tell them I'm having surgery for gallbladder or hernia. I've been told the doctor's note would not specify the operation....just that I had surgery and will require 4 days + work from home for 1 week. (under doctors care)

    So I have a bit of a challenging situation.

    If you don't mind...I will keep checking in on your progress. I'm hoping you have a speedy and uneventful recovery!
  13. I'm 48 so not much younger. I bent over today bu accident in the bathroom and was in horrible pain. I think I could work from home a few hours but not all day. I am definitely not ready to go back to the office.

    I think I'm going to work from home starting Thursday. Hopefully.

    I'm not going to the office until after labor day.

    When is your surgery?
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    HI Glenn,

    Has the soreness let up a little more today?
    Tomorrow will be day 6 post-op for you. When I am on day 6... I will be returning back to work (work from home). Do you feel as if you could start work tomorrow if it was work from home?
    I'm wondering becuase it appears we are about the same size and weight goal, although I think I'm a bit older at 51.
  15. Best wishes for your surgery Glenn. Let us know how you are doing once you feel up to it. This is the beginning of a new you :-)
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