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    What an amazing transformation well done!!!!!!
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    omg the time has come. Best wishes to you Wanda and rest, walk, sip :-)
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    Best of luck on your upcoming surgery ��
  4. Great Jenna!
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    Hi, just saw your post. I am not longer, on my medications. I feel so much better.
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    HI Wanda, Good luck with your journey . I am in the UK and will be having the surgery here. I do see a dietitian but i don't think i have to go to nutrition classes like they do in the States. I hope you find a buddy to travel with. I am happy to share any information the dietitian gives me with you.
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    HI Wanda, I am good thanks and you? I am about 5 weeks away from surgery. I will e seeing the dietitians in March and having bloods done then. I have been trying to cut back on portion size now, not always successfully. I am still nervous and excited at the same time and on some days my anxiety and a panic set in about surgery, but I will get through it. How are you doing and when are you having your surgery if you haven't had it already?
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  9. Im going to Tijuana in April... April 5th. waiting on dr approval right now and of course, income taxes to hit the bank lol .
    Im super excited and SUPER nervous, my stomach is already in knots and we're months away at this point.
    I have PCOS and it's been a hassle my whole life to lose and keep the weight off. Im 28 and noticing that life has started its toll on my body and how big i am.
    My best friend/ co worker went to Tijuana 18 months ago and has lost over 120 lbs. Of course if i lose that much, i will be a BEAM pole at that point. Im very excited to start living life without the hassle of whether or not ill fit in clothes, rides, etc.
    She will be the one to go with me and she already knows the cordinator and surgeon. Do you have a dr already? do you know that some drs offer financing?
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    Hi there - thank you so much - and you asked about reversing diabetes and/or lowering your A1c after surgery - it in all likelihood will happen. Of course no one will give a guarantee, but usually weight loss will have that affect, unless you are a type 1 diabetic and don't make any insulin at all. I hope that things go very well for you. Many people I have spoken with have gotten off of their diabetes medications as well as most if not all of their high blood pressure and cholesterol meds. I would love to at least be off of one of my two blood pressure meds. Keep us up to date on how things are going!

    Oh, and I see you are in Houston. I used to live in San Antonio Loved it, but I am a Florida girl now.....I have a close friend in San Antonio though, so I visit once in a while.
  11. Yes, Thanks cause food is just a portion of the process!
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    Wanda, you're very welcome. Learn as much as you can about the WLS process -- not just the weight loss, but the long-term lifestyle maintenance lifestyle changes needed -- and get ready to change your life!

    Very best wishes to you.

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About WandaGettinFit4life
Sleeved or not sleeved:
I have not had a gastric sleeve.
I am currently 51 years old. I have been overweight all my life. Developed diabetes and high blood pressure in 2005. Started a lifestyle change at 337 pounds. Got down to 231 and have been holding between 240-250 for over 4 years. All of my site pics are before surgery. I started in a 32W, those pants had a 54 inch waist. My waist started at 62! Decided to take the next step to continue my journey with WLS.
Houston, Texas
Always trying to be a better me, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Resident Ministry at a Homeless Shelter
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Dr Hernandez
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by WandaGettinFit4life on 06-01-2019 at 05:50 AM
Ok I have not been on here in almost a year. I had surgery 6/19/18. I had surgery in Tijuana. My recovery was short. Everything went great. My last A1C when I checked in with y'all last year was 10 it is now 5.2. I have not had diabetes or blood pressure medication since one week after surgery. I was 243 and this process has been great but very slow! It has taken 11 months to get to 199! I just broke 200 a couple days ago. Some things that stand out immediately is chocolate makes me sick! Too much

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by WandaGettinFit4life on 05-29-2018 at 10:59 AM
I'm all paid! Ready to go!! Plane tickets paid, surgery paid in full, Passport card paid and should arrive this week! Preop diet started. I'm soo excited!


by WandaGettinFit4life on 05-20-2018 at 01:38 AM
Hey y'all! I'm still here been working hard only $1300 more to go for balance on surgery! Plane tickets already purchased and passport card on the way! I am excited and nervous. My pre-op starts 5/22!!


by WandaGettinFit4life on 02-16-2018 at 11:48 PM
So I have HSA at my job and I looked into what that means and what the inclusions are and I found these things that may very well be of benefit. YAY! I am super excited and if I thought I would be healed and ready to travel for my cruise in May, I would totally try to have surgery in March!!!


You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay for transportation to another city if the trip is primarily for, and essential to, receiving medical services. You may

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by WandaGettinFit4life on 02-12-2018 at 08:53 AM
So, I was getting discouraged because y'all are doing great and making progress mean while my A1C is 10!!! and I'm gaining weight trying to eat like pre-op then just going overboard cause I'm soooo hungry!!! But I'm tripping cause I have not had surgery yet!! I'm jumping the gun. Everything else in my blood work was great except A1C.

The Agency called and I was rescheduled for 6/19 cause Dr. Hernandez does not due surgery on Mondays. The only reason I'm waiting until June is because

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Picture BEFORE 337.00 lbs. - before
Picture AFTER after - 199.00 lbs.

Member: WandaGettinFit4life

Surgery date: 06/19/2018

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